Jan. 09

Daily Point of Light 3897, Sew Many Memories

Sew Many Memories creates Memory Bears, pillows, and heart shapes for bereaved family members. With the help of hospice counselors, a bereaved individual chooses an article of clothing from a loved one who had passed away and gives it to the group. The group, in turn, lovingly creates a keepsake bear or pillow. Over the past year, this group has made more than one hundred fifty memory items from bowling shirts, pajamas, night gowns, tee shirts, bathing suits, bably blankets and even uniforms. Many recipients carry their bears with them everywhere. Memory Bears can be seen in cars as well as places of employment. Others place the bears in their loved one's favorite chairs. Most talk to their beers, hug their pillows and feel the presence of their loved one after these items have been carefully created. Sew Many Memories volunteers are aware they cannot remove the pain of tragically losing a loved one, but the group brings comfort and extends love through their memory bears and pillows. They should be recognized for their compassion, hard work and dedication to comforting those who have lost loved ones.

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