Jan. 12

Daily Point of Light 3898, Kayla Drummond

Kayla M. Drummond has taken part in a variety of volunteer efforts in her Deltona, Florida community. She has served one year as an eighth grade mentor at Heritage Middle School. In addition to mentoring, Kayla is also an active volunteer with the Girl Scouts of America. As a result of her volunteer work, Kayla has been nominated as a Citizen of the Month in the past two years of school. Kayla participates in almost any event that involves community service at Heritage Middle School. She constantly seeks out activities where she can work with people and help others. Always having a positive attitude, Kayla is willing to lend a hand to anyone with 110% effort. Her hard work and dedication to helping those around her at such a young age. She is an inspiration to youth and adults alike as a result of her commitment to volunteer work.

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