Jun. 01

Creating Volunteer Programs that Measure Impact

Last week on Wednesday we discussed Service and Leadership Development as an important aspect of our company in order to be successful and to retain volunteers.  As we near the National Conference on Volunteering and Service in less than a week another important aspect of a successful volunteer engagement program is one that creates projects that measure for impact.  Projects that can quantitatively measure impact will lead to better projects that impact greater numbers of citizens and communities. Without tools, resource, and knowledge to measure the impact of volunteer programs many programs are futile.   At Points of Light we go through annual planning each year to make sure we are measuring impact of all types of engagement.  We create short and long term goals that we can accomplish to ensure a strong operational foundation. Our goal is to drive innovation across the sector and create sustainable impact by expanding transformational service opportunities for leaders and volunteers resulting in: improved student performance; enhanced economic opportunities for families; greener, more sustainable communities; and a nation prepared to respond to emergency. Through our programs that promote National Days of Service and signature events through HandsOn Action Centers we coordinate a robust portfolio of issue specific training and recruitment activities that equip volunteers, leaders and communities with tools and resources to drive social change. All of these projects have measurable ways for success. With technology and organization we are able to quantitatively measure how many people come to each event, or respond to a blog or retweet a tweet, or take an online resource course, or get awarded a Presidential Service Medal in a year and we can see how our systems have impacted the volunteers who have utilized them. Today's post on the HandsOn Blog talks about Tips for Managing Projects for Success and gives you some ideas on how you can build methods for demonstrating success into volunteer projects that you plan. The National Conference on Volunteering and Service blog post highlights the sessions that will give you the opportunity to learn more about managing volunteer projects for success.    

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