Jun. 20

Job Description: Rockstar (see also "Daddy")


Yesterday was Father's Day, today we highlight a father who inspires service.

Today’s guest post is written by Tymm Hoffman, Sr. Designer at Points of Light Institute, and father of 3 children.

Being a father is a rockstar job.  Seriously... it is.  Every single time I walk in the house I am met with the toddler-groupie scream of "Daddy!" and then body slammed with hugs.  It really doesn't get much better...

At this stage - in our house at least - the main role of "Daddy" is teaching.  I get to help keep my kids alive (harder than it sounds) and do a whole lot of teaching.  I teach alphabet.  Numbers.  Time-out.  Love.  Naptime.  Respect.  Brushing teeth.  Wiping... well, you get it.  LOTS of wiping...

But if one thing had to take top priority - if one tangible, teachable thing was more important than the others - I think modeling a servant's heart and attitude would be in the running.  It's super important to us.

From serving our neighbors cookies, to visiting people who have to work on holidays to serving the homeless through a local ministry - we've always tried to put others first and we've always brought our daughter along for the ride.

I think she is starting to get it.

We try not to stop just with our neighbors.  We are seriously trying to be intentional about giving our family a global perspective.  It's huge to us - to wake up every day and step out of self and really believe and act like we aren't the center of the universe.  Ever spent time with a toddler?  You know what I mean... they truly think the sun rises and sets on their schedule.

One of the ways we do this is by making a couple trips a year to East Africa to work with our partner orphanages.  Two years ago we started an organization called Brighton Their World that focuses on being a voice for the voiceless and an advocate for the fatherless by providing the basic necessities of life for children with no access to them.

I couldn't think of a better thing to do on Father's Day than to spend some time with my oldest girl packing up some of the 500 pounds of formula that is leaving next week for Ethiopia.  It's food for kids who have no fathers.  No better way to celebrate the day than by living out our organization's mission statement.

Don't get me wrong - we do a lot of playing at our house too.  Tons of it.  Lots of goofiness and pretending too.  Earlier today my daughter grabbed her Barbie phone and said "Daddy I'm calling you."

I answered on my cell phone and she said:

"Hey daddy.  I just wanted to call to tell you I was going on a trip."

"Oh yeah?," I said, playing along.  "Where are you heading?"

"I am going to Uganda.  For 5 days.  with my friends.  We are going to feed the babies and hold them."

Yep.  I think she's getting it.

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