Jun. 21

Daily Point of Light #4532 Petrena Trice

“Mama Trice” is a teacher, an encourager, a life-changer.

For the last three years, Petrena Trice has volunteered as a GED Service Provider to a diverse group of rehabilitating adults 18 years and older at the Los Angeles Dream Center. Most of her students are ex-gang members, recovering addicts, and students who have been out of school for several years. Her dedication to the students of the Los Angeles Dream Center has earned her the nickname “Mama Trice.”

Not having a GED is a major barrier to the success of millions of adults in the United States. It’s a major predictor of future earnings and opportunities including post secondary options, college, employment and vocational education, but because of the voluntary action of Mama Trice 33 students have obtained their GED.  These students have been prepared to start their job search or enroll in college.

Mama Trice’s work gives opportunities for her students to reconnect with their talent and abilities, and to begin their transition to community in a manner that restores self-esteem and dignity.  She believes that every student can learn and she sets up a special plan and strategy for each one. She supports each student as they work through their plan, going to court to help them with legal matters or even implementing a bilingual curriculum so a young single mom from Nicaragua who never attended school could attend class.

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