Feb. 04

Flowers, Chocolate and Volunteering?


Volunteering isn’t just good for your community – it’s good for your heart. And now Points of Light is out to prove it.

Newlyweds Jennifer and Brendan Murphy of
Alexandria, Va., shown here during an MLK
Day of Service
event, met through AmeriCorps.

For our first Love & Service Valentine’s Day Contest, couples from across the country are sharing how volunteering brought them together. Did you meet your mate this way? Just by telling your story of love and volunteer service on the Points of Light Facebook page, you’ll be entered for a chance to win a free $100 Valentine’s Day dinner gift certificate from

The stories we’ve gotten so far have proven that volunteering may be the best thing for your heart since water aerobics. Michael and Laura Magevney of Jacksonville, Fla., shared how they met while volunteering during an alternative spring break at Vanderbilt University. After 22 years of marriage and four children, their commitment to love and service is as strong as ever.

Amber Smith of Raleigh, N.C., was on a cross-country volunteer road trip with friends when she met her future husband, Shane Fitzsimmons. Shane promptly quit his job, packed a suitcase and joined the do-gooders on their mission. Amber and Shane will be married 10 years this Valentine’s Day.

“Setting off on the trip, I had a feeling that the journey would change my life,” Amber said. “But I couldn't have imagined that finding love on the road would be one of the monumental ways my life would change.”

Do you have a story of how volunteering helped you meet your spouse or significant other? We’d love to hear it! Enter the Points of Light Love & Service Valentine’s Day Contest today. We’ll be announcing our winner February 10, giving you plenty of time to plan that night out with your sweetie!

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