Apr. 08

Points of Light Shine Brightly in Britain

They are known in their communities for helping others during recent devastating floods in the United Kingdom, and now they’re known as Points of Light.

Zafar Ahmed

Yesterday British Prime Minister David Cameron named five recipients of a new award modeled after the Daily Point of Light Award President George H. W. Bush created during his presidency.

Like its American predecessor, the UK Points of Light award recognizes volunteers who work to improve life in their communities. 

“We should do more as a country to recognize volunteering,” said Prime Minister Cameron. “President George H. W. Bush spoke about 1,000 points of light shining out in difficult times. Britain is going to have its own Points of Light scheme.” (Read his speech here.)

Back in the United States, President Bush applauded the commitment to recognizing volunteer service.

“I am excited about the opportunities for connecting Points of Light on both sides of the Atlantic and enabling Britons and Americans facing similar challenges in their communities to work together and share their experiences and achievements,” he said.

Clare Aparicio

President Bush continued, “I am excited too about the opportunities for a wider partnership that will unite policy experts and politicians in both countries as we seek to develop this shared agenda for generations to come.”

The winners included Zafar Ahmed, a flood volunteer who worked long hours to deliver sandbags, leaflets and food to people in need, and Clare Aparicio, who made sure flood victims had proper meals to eat.

To learn more about the British award and the first five winners, click here. You can go here to listen to their stories in their own words.

And click here to nominate someone in your community as a Daily Point of Light.

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