Nov. 10

Vietnam Vet Draws From His Rocky Homecoming to Help Younger Veterans Seeking Jobs

This week, in honor of Veterans Day, we celebrate the men and women who have served our country, who today are channeling that impulse to serve to make a difference in their communities. Meet Daily Point of Light Award honoree, John Reynolds.

john_reynolds.jpgJohn Reynolds

John Reynolds had been drafted into the Vietnam War as a combat infantryman, and when he returned home, he had a difficult time transitioning into a career.

During subsequent wars, he saw that returning vets had problems similar to those he had faced.

“What was happening consistently was that veterans looking for jobs would find jobs usually beneath their capabilities or skills,” Reynolds says. “It didn’t seem fair to me that they would have to pay such a penalty for having volunteered to serve their country.”

In 2008, Reynolds founded Veterans2Work, an organization that helps returning veterans launch their civilian careers while helping employers engage the full productive potential of those veterans.

Participating veterans, spouses and caregivers receive free services, resources and tools to discover their interests and strengths, helping them land jobs that are right for them.

Veterans2Work implements an aptitude-based approach to helping veterans secure employment. “We deliver evidence of a veteran’s potential in an area so that it gives the employers confidence to hire that veteran,” says Reynolds.

The organization also provides help with resume preparation, interview skills and job networking. Most recently, Reynolds and his team have begun working on a career on-ramp program which provides experiential learning opportunities in high-growth industries, allowing both veterans and potential employers an opportunity to “preview” one another, ensuring that the job is a good fit for both.

Veterans2Work has placed 100 veterans into jobs and is currently working with 5,000 veterans – helping them make the connections they need to transition into a productive civilian life.

If you'd like to serve veterans in your community, or serve alongside them, check out the opportunities at

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