Jun. 05

Honoring a World Champion Changemaker


The Points of Light family sends our deepest condolences to Muhammad Ali’s family and loved ones on the passing of a world champion humanitarian, changemaker and a bright point of light in our world.

Muhammad and Lonnie Ali

Throughout his life, he used his voice and his platform as a political and social activist for issues that were profoundly personal to him at a time when taking a public stand as an athlete was unheard of and even detrimental to his career. He was an avid volunteer and mentor, making frequent trips to hospitals, shelters and soup kitchens in the United States and abroad, and actively encouraging young people through Make-a-Wish and the Special Olympics. And to this day, he was a champion for equality, justice and opportunity despite the physical toll it took and because, as he said, "Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth."

That passion for service is why we planned to recognize Mr. Ali at the Conference on Volunteering and Service later this month. And it’s why he and his wife, Lonnie, had accepted the invitation to open the event. Today, we join the world in mourning the passing of this great champion. And in a few weeks we will join 4,000 leaders from across the changemaking sector in celebrating his legacy and its profound impact on history.

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