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Nov 29
Posted by Robby Montgomery to military initiatives, Frontline Families, Veterans

The challenges that military families face can be intense: frequent relocation, separation from loved ones and reintegration back into civilian life. However, military families also have unique qualities that make them ideal civic leaders, leveraging their skills and determination to engage in meaningful service in their communities.

Nov 28

Crafting a mission statement is a chance for a company to put into words what truly drives the organization: what are the values it holds above all others? For many, success and profit come to mind. For Civic 50 sector leaders Altria and Valero Energy, community is consistently held as the organizations’ driving force. These companies are doing their part to support local communities by institutionalizing policies, systems and incentives to build a culture of volunteerism and community engagement and to drive their social impact.

Nov 23
Posted by Robby Montgomery to Tracy Hoover, service unites

Did you know that it was Abraham Lincoln who declared Thanksgiving a federal holiday? It seems especially fitting and worthy of note as we approach this year’s Thanksgiving Day. Because this week's holiday wasn't born from nostalgia about the "good ole days" at Plymouth Rock or because Lincoln’s ancestors were pilgrims. Rather, at America's darkest moment – when economic and ideological divides, and the brutality of war had pitted brothers, neighbors, friends against each other, Lincoln called for thanksgiving.

Nov 23
Posted by Robby Montgomery to ServiceWorks, Youth Service

Bringing together speakers from the White House, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Office on Workforce Development, the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, and the Los Angeles Trade and Technical College, a bootcamp hosted on Nov. 19 by ServiceWorks in Los Angeles focused on skills building and service for young adults ages 16 to 24. During a ServiceWorks bootcamp, participants gain skills – including project management competencies – that will strengthen their path to college and careers while helping resolve problems in their communities.