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Nov 17
Posted by Robby Montgomery to Volunteer Advice, Volunteer Resources

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, we look for ways to demonstrate gratitude to the people closest to us. One excellent way to do this is to look for opportunities to give back to the people or organizations that have given something to you over the years. To get you into the holiday spirit while also tapping into your spirit of service, here are some ways you can give thanks by giving back.

Nov 16

When Elizabeth and David Mattson started a generationOn Kids Care Club, Kids Doing Wonderful Things, with their daughter Catherine a few years ago, it was to encourage their children and their children’s friends to share books and the experience of reading with other children. Elizabeth never imagined it would turn into her running a full-time, bi-coastal nonprofit organization.

Nov 15

Growing up, Melanie Rutecki’s family owned a small business, so they were always finding ways to give back to the community and get involved. When she and her husband, Kenny, started their family, they knew giving back would be part of the way they raised their children.

Nov 14
Posted by Robby Montgomery to Veterans, Veterans Day, military initiatives, Volunteer Stories

You are likely familiar with the ways that Americans can give back to help veterans, but did you know that veterans are among the most active volunteers working to improve communities across the country? Data from the 2016 Veterans Civic Health Index report created by Got Your Six, revealed that veterans are more likely than non-veterans to volunteer with their neighbors to fix problems in their communities.