VENTURES | Spring 2014


Accountability Lab • Washington D.C • Nonprofit •

The Accountability Lab empowers citizens to fight corruption and promote accountability though media and innovation in the developing world.
Catalysts by Design • St. Louis • Nonprofit •

Catalysts by Design is a network of social design organizations that partner with communities and organizations to resolve critical social challenges.
City Pioneers • Atlanta • Hybrid •

City Pioneers strengthens cities by connecting local public organizations with hometown talent to solve city challenges and to create an ecosystem of public entrepreneurs.
Code2040 • San Francisco • Nonprofit •

CODE2040 creates pathways to success for Blacks and Latinos in the innovation economy, with a focus on the critical transition from learning to earning.
eatiply • Minneapolis • Hybrid •

Eatiply is a cause marketing platform that sustainably fights hunger while providing businesses and non-profits a valuable marketing solution.
Edgeflip • Chicago • For-profit •

Edgeflip uses technology and analytics to accelerate the influence of non-profits, advocacy groups, and other social good organizations.
Food Recovery Network • College Park • Nonprofit •

Food Recovery Network empowers students to recover food from colleges, that would otherwise be wasted, and donates it to hungry Americans.
Piggybackr • San Francisco • For-profit •

Piggybackr teaches teams of all ages and experience levels how to crowdfund.
Project SYNCERE • Chicago • Nonprofit •

Project SYNCERE is a STEM enrichment program for underrepresented students in grades
SEMADevelopment • Atlanta • Hybrid •

SEMADevelopment sells community-created mobile app games to raise money for nonprofit organizations.
tinyGive • Washington D.C. • For-profit •

tinyGive is a micro-philanthropy platform that enables individuals to support causes and social good organizations through simple, social and meaningful actions.
UrbnEarth • San Francisco • For-profit •

UrbnEarth makes guided gardening kits that empower everyone to experience the health benefits of homegrown food.
WorkReadyGrad • Atlanta • For-profit •

WorkReadyGrad enables students to proactively acquire the right skills, experiences and mentors to reach their career potential.
Zealous Good • Chicago • For-profit •

Zealous Good connects people and companies with excess items to local charities with matching needs.