Ventures | Winter 2012

Altruhelp Logo
AltruHelp is repairing the decline in Millennial volunteering with a mobile application & online community that helps universities & companies increase enterprise participation in service.
Watch the AltrUHelp video.
Founders: Mathew Paisner, Antoinne Machal-Cajigas, Michael Saris (hybrid; Boston, Mass.)
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Bould Logo
BOULD connects students with the real-world experience necessary for green careers.
Watch the BOULD video.
Founders: Shane Gring, Shane Baldauf, Stephen Lepke, Jim Payne (for-profit; Denver, Colo.)
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Careervillage Logo
CareerVillage prepares young people for professional success by connecting them directly with working professionals.
Watch the CareerVillage video.
Founders: Jared Chung, Jennifer Pan (hybrid; Boston, Mass.)
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Generation Citizen Logo
Generation Citizen empowers young people to become engaged and effective citizens.
Watch the GenerationCitizen video.
Founders: Scott Warren, Daniel Millenson (nonprofit; New York, N.Y.)
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GivKwik Logo
GivKwik is a social, mobile and web platform that inspires impulse philanthropy.
Watch the GivKwik video.
Founders: Jason Rosado, Tom Roli, Thaddeus Wojcik (for-profit; San Francisco, Calif.)
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HopeMob Logo
HopeMob unites strangers to rally behind people with pressing needs.
Watch the HopeMob video.
Founders: Shaun King, Chad Kellough (nonprofit; New York, N.Y.)
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Moneythink Logo
Moneythink makes financial literacy relevant and fun for urban 11th and 12th graders.
Watch the Moneythink video.
Founders: Ted Gonder, Chirag Sagar (nonprofit; Chicago, Ill.)
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MyMaryland Logo is democracy’s first 24/7 online town hall.
Watch the MyMaryland video.
Founders: Ben Simon, Rahul Singh (nonprofit; Silver Spring, Md.)
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Smallknot Logo
Smallknot is a community crowd-funding platform for small business.
Watch the Smallknot video.
Founders: Jay Lee, Ben Rossen, Jason Punzalan (for-profit; New York, N.Y.)
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UBELONG makes it easy to volunteer and learn abroad.
Watch the UBELONG video.
Founders: Cedric Hodgeman, Raul Roman (for-profit; Washington, D.C.)
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