Wellness Champions Can “Be the Change!” Interview with Michelle Nunn

Paul Terry, PhD Editor, The Art of Health Promotion interviewed Michelle Nunn this month. You can find the PDF online here.

"In this month’s issue of The Art of Health Promotion (TAHP), I interview Michelle Nunn, a national leader in the community volunteerism and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) movements...

In my interview with Nunn in this month’s TAHP, you’ll see she ventures headlong into life’s most vexing questions like “what does it mean to be a citizen?” Nunn has an inimitable track record of convening the highest echelon leaders from both business and public sectors, including those from polar opposites of the political spectrum. But it is Nunn’s propensity for servant leadership that is reflected in her conviction that the answer to how to create meaningful connectivity, as she says, “will not come from the experts but from amateurs, millions of amateurs, advancing the common good.”

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