Hazloposible Foundation

Founded in 1999, Fundación Hazloposible focus its work in creating an engaged and participative society in which each person and organization can play a major role in building a better and more sustainable world.

Making use of top-noch technology, Fundación Hazloposible creates online platforms that give support to any citizen or company in order to find a social cause to which they could give their time, talent or financial resources.
Currently, Fundación Hazloposible runs the following projects:

http://hacesfalta.org/ - Volunteering opportunities and Third Sector employment offers.
http://solucionesong.org/ - SolucionesONG.org - Online consultancy services for NGOs
• Talentoqueimpacta - Corporate Volunteering services
http://microdonaciones.net/ - Non-profit Crowdfounding
http://tucodigovaacambiarelmundo.org/ -IT Crowdsourcing
http://voluntariadocolombia.org/ - Volunteering opportunities from Colombian NGOs
http://probonos.net/ - Probonos.net - Online Pro bono platform.

World Region

Central/South America & the Caribbean

Services Offered

For individuals: 
  • Flexible Volunteer Opportunities (Calendar)
  • Long-Term Volunteer Opportunities
  • Cross Border Volunteer Opportunities
  • Pro-bono/skills-based
For Nonprofits: 
  • Volunteer Recruitment and Placement
For Companies: 
  • Employee Volunteer Program Consulting
  • Corporate Volunteer Council (CVC)
  • Volunteer Program Dev/Delivery
  • Training/Leadership Development
  • Pro-bono/Skills-based
  • Pro Bono Marathon Champion

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Fundación Hazloposible - Colombia
Phone: +34 915534547


Marta Reina
+34 915534547

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