April 2017 Corporate News

Points of Light Corporate Partnerships Global Impact

Hours of Service Generated: 1,399
Employees Engaged: 291
Projects Completed: 2
Countries Impacted: 1


Altria Group

Hours of Service Generated: 599
Employees Engaged: 91
Projects Completed: 1

Hands On Charlotte partnered with Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida to provide a Day of Sharing for about 400 employees. Altria packed 4,760 weekend meal kits that will be given to children in the greater Orlando area that are at risk for hunger when not receiving meals at their schools. Because of the project, children will have access to nutritious food items on the weekends that they might not have had because they rely heavily on school-supplied meals.


Fidelity Investments

Hours of Service Generated: 800
Employees Engaged: 200
Projects Completed: 1

On April 22, HandsOn Greater Phoenix led 200 Fidelity employees in a Transformation Day at West High School. This was Fidelity’s first year partnering with West High. A much needed refresh was given to the school with fence cup art, inspiring murals, and landscaping among many other tasks.