August 2015 Corporate News


corproundup_august2015_01.jpgIn August, Altria employees completed 7 Day of Sharing projects in the following markets: Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Louisiana, Indiana, Virginia and Georgia. These projects engaged 165 employees that volunteered for 381 hours.

  • New Orleans, LA: On August 29, a group of Altria volunteers joined forces with other community members in support of the Katrina 10 Citywide Day of Service. HandsOn New Orleans organized thousands of volunteers to engage them in several volunteer projects in seven regions of New Orleans. Altria participated in the project with Einstein Charter School to renovate both the interior and exterior of the schools grounds, e.g. painting, landscaping, and outdoor furniture builds.
  • Winchester, VA: Altria employees and key stakeholders joined together on August 31 at the Youth Development Center, Inc. to complete a transformation and bueatification project. Led by HandsOn Network Affiliate Volunteer Fairfax, 22 volunteers painted the center’s game room, two offices, installed carpet and assembled a regualtion size volleyball area indoors for all year round play.



Fidelity Transformation Days continued in August, reaching schools and students in four communities:

  • corproundup_august2015_02.jpgAlbuquerque, NM: The Principal of Wilson Middle School in Albuquerque kicked off Fidelity Transformation Day on August 29 with a happy dance, and she kept bouncing in excitement all day long as 150 Fidelity employees and their family members worked across the school campus. Volunteers completely changed the look of the outdoor courtyard, adding Wildcat pride by painting a custom mural, building and painting new planter boxes and benches and building new picnic tables (complete with checkerboards on top). Across campus, other groups of volunteers added fence art, refreshed the basketball court and readied the space that will become the school’s new clothing closet and food bank.
  • Covington, KY:  On August 7 and 8, Fidelity volunteers continued facility improvement efforts to make Holmes Middle School (HMS) a brighter, more professional learning environment inside and out! Teams completed three classroom renovations - painting, organizing and building furniture for the Functional Mental Disability (FMD) Classrooms, which will host the largest class size in the school’s history this year. Volunteers also created and installed a sensory board, an experiential learning tool that provides students both visual and tactile engagement. Additionally, volunteers created a classroom out of a large unused space that has traditionally functioned as a storage room. The classroom will house the STEM after-school program and other extracurricular offerings.
  • Nashua, NH: In six years of partnership with Elm Street Middle School, Fidelity volunteers have worked in every corner of the building and campus through a partnership with Boston Cares. This year, more than 200 volunteers advanced the school’s STEM education goals. The centerpiece of the event was building a 10'x20' greenhouse. Fidelity volunteers also painted four life science murals in the science wing and built aquaponic and hydroponic carts for the greenhouse. Check out a video of the volunteers at work here.
  • Pawtucket, RI: More than 200 Fidelity volunteers gathered at Slater Junior High on August 14 to create change for the 650 students at this neighborhood school. Volunteers refreshed all second floor classrooms with new, soothing paint colors to create a cleaner, more relaxing atmosphere for students and staff alike. STEM-themed tile mosaics, canvas murals with inspirational quotes, and international flags, representative of the school’s diverse student body, were created and painted by volunteers and will be hung throughout the building to brighten the space and encourage students and staff during their daily activities. Volunteers also painted a fun wave in two window wells and a colorful mural in the robotics room, both of which will also brighten the spaces. Additionally, volunteers built new furniture for the school, assembling display cases for the school’s numerous awards and trophies, bookcases for classrooms and offices, and benches for additional outdoor seating. Volunteers also painted a United States map on the school’s blacktop and planted flowers along the main entrance making sure that the exterior also received some new, bright colors!




corproundup_august2015_04.jpgAllstate had another incredible month of Good & Ready Disaster Preparedness events around the county.  Families in New Orleans, Oakland, Charleston and Long Island received education and starter disaster prep kits from local Allstate agents, emergency management officials and volunteers.  The Oakland event hosted at the Chinatown Street Festival helped prepare a diverse crowd of over 1,500 families for disasters.  And with the existing drought on the west coast coupled with raging wildfires, this preparedness event was right on time. Projects in New Orleans, Charleston and Long Island educated residents on hurricane preparedness as the season begins ramping up during the months of September and October.



corproundup_august2015_05.jpgPrudential continued its summer of service in Portland, ME and Scottsdale, AZ with HandsOn Network Affiliates, United Way of Greater Portland and HandsOn Greater Phoenix.  The Portland team has a strong spirit of service and that legacy continued in August at the Preble Street.  Preble Street provides accessible, barrier-free services to empower people experiencing problems with homelessness, housing, hunger, and poverty and to advocate for solutions to those problems.  Prudential Volunteers prepared and served meals at Preble Street for their daily lunch service that services between 250-400 people daily.


Duke Energy

corproundup_august2015_06.jpgThe Duke Energy employees showed up in full force during the month of August with approximately 200 employees serving over 700 volunteer hours in the state of North Caroline alone.  Environmental projects in Charlotte, Wilmington and Dan River helped to improve public spaces at beaches and area parks. This volunteer labor force provided thousands of dollars in savings for county and municipal agencies.  In Charlotte, enthusiastic Duke Energy volunteers completed a project at the Anne Springs Close Greenway in Fort Mill, SC.  The Anne Springs Close Greenway is a 2,100-acre nature preserve in Fort Mill that was dedicated in 1995 to the public to serve as a natural buffer from urban development and a place for countless activities – from hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding, to picnics, kayaking and more.



corproundup_august2015_07.jpgUBS’s first Season of Service during summer months is proving to be very successful.  In August, nine projects were completed with HandsOn Network Affiliates in Asheville, Dallas, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Palm Beach, Portland and Sacramento.  These small yet mighty groups of UBS employees completed over 300 hours of service at various schools and family & youth-serving agencies in select cities.  The Dallas event at Captain Hope’s Kids helped prepare children for the coming school year.  UBS volunteers spent the afternoon assembling and installing "cubbies" for volunteers to store backpacks and purses in while they are working, assembling and installing storage for the organization's office supplies (and putting them away), sorting pallets of donations and putting them away in the organization's warehouse, filling backpacks with school supplies for homeless children, and organizing back-to-school uniforms for homeless children.


Moody’s Foundation

corproundup_august2015_08.jpgPoints of Light celebrated the end of the second year of partnership with Moody's Foundation in the Asia-Pacific Region engaging more than 380 employees in five countries, contributing more than 1,200 hours of volunteer service that contributed to real and long-lasting impact in their communities.

Points of Light, through HandsOn Network affiliates, engaged Moody’s employees in China, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan through 23 volunteer projects ranging from activities with mentally disabled children to workshops on interview skills and career planning.

  • Hong Kong: In Hong Kong, Moody’s volunteers have brought a group of students with mental disabilities to visit the Noah’s Ark Hong Kong.  They have visited the Ark Life Education House where there is a wide range inspiring interactive games, stories and exhibitions to let them learn about appreciating and enjoying life’s beautiful moments.
  • Beijing: In Beijing, Moody's volunteers joined with 25 children with mental disability to a trio to the National Film Museum, Beijing. The activity started with a one hour tour at the museum, followed by a 4D movie at China's best 4D theater. This was a unique opportunity for the children from vulnerability backgrounds to visit the cinema and have access to enriching culture opportunities.


Corporate Institute

In August, the Corporate Institute created a new six-part Corporate Video Lecture Series on YouTube, highlighting corporate service innovations. A short description, along with links to the series and a 3BL Media announcement, are below.

Six Amazing Ways to Engage Employees in Service: Do you wish you could hear from the experts as you manage and scale employee engagement and corporate volunteer programs?  Now you can! The latest trends in corporate volunteering are now at your fingertips and on video with Points of Light’s Corporate Video Lecture Series. View the series, read the 3BL Media announcement and help us share it out across your networks using the attached media kit.


For more information about any of these events, or to find out how you can get involved with Points of Light, please contact Madeline Eaton ([email protected] or 404-979-2926).