March 2017 Corporate News

Points of Light Corporate Partnerships Global Impact

Hours of Service Generated: 1,678
Employees Engaged: 658
Projects Completed: 4
Countries Impacted: 1


Altria Group

Hours of Service Generated: 725
Employees Engaged: 473
Projects Completed: 3

Tobacco growers, family and friends supported the Tobacco Farm Life Museum for the 3rd year with repairs to the museum, as well as creating first aid kits for farm growers. A total of 51 volunteers contributed over 200 volunteer hours to supporting the museum.



The maintenance to the exterior and interior of the museum, as well as the 100 first aid kits assembled were greatly needed and appreciated. The first aid kits prepared were provided to local farmers to support harvest safety.


Fidelity Investments

Hours of Service Generated: 953
Employees Engaged: 185
Projects Completed: 1

Fidelity kicked off its 2018 Transformation Days at Dunbar High School in Fort Worth, TX on March 17. In its eighth year of partnership with Points of Light, Fidelity Transformation Days seek to revitalize schools and youth serving organizations in order to provide children with inviting and inspiring places to learn. Organized by Volunteer Fairfax, the project at Dunbar revitalized both indoor and outdoor areas which included volunteers painting murals throughout the campus, planting a vegetable garden and giving a complete make over to the Parent Resource Room.