November 2016 Corporate News

Points of Light Corporate Partnerships Global Impact

Hours of Service Generated: 7,635
Employees Engaged: 1,784
Projects Completed: 59
Countries Impacted: 7



Hours of Service Generated: 3,432
Employees Engaged: 727
Projects Completed: 20

727 Activision employees participated in the Activision-Blizzard Veterans Day of Service that took place through 20 different projects in 6 cities across the US. Over 3,432 hours of volunteer time was contributed to 18 different nonprofit community partners who serve veterans. Highlights from a few of the projects include

At American Legion Hollywood, through the partnership with L.A. Works, volunteers built a gazebo complete with stairs and 7 benches, installed a remembrance garden on the front patio with 5 additional benches, and constructed a garden planter. They also created background boards to unify the memorial picture frames of past Post Commanders and built 5 benches for the outdoor smoking area. While construction continued outside, a group of 8 skills based volunteers worked with the executive team at AL Hollywood on their social media outreach strategy. It was a busy and successful day!

The volunteers at Raven Software (Activision), under the partnership of Hands On Nashville, exceeded expectations with 100% participation and were split between three different projects. One group painted murals at Housing Initiatives, whose goal is to end veteran homelessness. The murals will be installed in the apartments of formerly homeless veterans, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The other two groups volunteered on behalf of Dryhootch. Dryhootch is a place where veterans can gather informally in a coffeehouse; a safe, comfortable, drug-and-alcohol-free environment with access to services. At Dryhootch, volunteers painted the interior of the space where the mural created by employees will be featured. At the Raven onsite project, volunteers assembled and branded Dryhootch coffee and coffee cups as well as painted mural panels.


Hours of Service Generated: 2,941
Employees Engaged: 513
Projects Completed: 18

Altria sponsored 18 volunteer events engaging over 513 employees in November. Employees participated in volunteer projects in one or more of the following markets: New Jersey, Maryland, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, Illinois, California, Missouri, North Carolina, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Virginia. Highlights from a couple of projects are shared below:

Rapids, MI – Two projects led by Heart of West Michigan United Way took place to support the SECOM Resource Center. Altria volunteers greatly improved SECOM Resource Center's community garden, which serves families within the neighborhood. Volunteers built a fence around the garden, constructed 5 new garden beds (3 raised, 2 ground-level), assembled 2 storage sheds, laid fresh mulch, and stabilized 3 existing raised garden beds. The improvements will allow the center to sustain the fresh produce used for meals to serve the community.

Lumberton, NC – On November 16, employees from all across North Carolina came together to support the relief efforts of restoring homes with water damage caused by Hurricane Matthew. A total of 42 employees were led by Cape Fear Volunteer Center to restore 5 homes and families in the Lumberton area. The group contributed over 250 hours of volunteer time to support interior and exterior maintenance to homes.

Warrenton, VA – A tremendous collaboration between Volunteer Fairfax and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Fauquier allowed 25 employees to make a huge impact on November 16. Volunteers completed murals in 3 spaces—the gymnasium, the game room, and the hallways off of the main entrance. Volunteers also completed the new teen area in the Club’s current tech lab/library. This new space for the teens will make them feel more welcome in the Club as they now have a space to call their very own. This new area includes lounge seating for socializing, pub tables for homework, cell-phone charging stations, art supplies for projects, college flag banners hanging from the wall for inspiration, and a new collection of college prep books including SAT, ACT and ASVAB testing books.

Oklahoma City, OK – The United Way of Central Oklahoma organized an opportunity for Altria employees to volunteer with Camp Fire Heart of Oklahoma on November 17. Volunteers painted the entire Nature Center for a fresh new look. They also assembled seven storage units to give kids easy access to arts and crafts materials, completely organized the materials by sorting beads, feathers, markers, anything you could think of for the kids to get their hands on to show their creativity. Volunteers also painted the kitchen, a hallway, and the new nurse office for the campers. Another excellent addition was the installation of two sets of glass French doors to separate the “kids’ store” from the hallway. All of this work brought the entire Nature Center together for a polished look, a cozy feel, and provided more usable space for Camp Fire kids.

American Express

Hours of Service Generated: 215
Employees Engaged: 70
Projects Completed: 5

During the month of November, 2016 Points of Light organized volunteer activities for American Express employees in London, Rome and Tokyo. A total of 70 American Express volunteers donated 215 volunteer hours this month alone.

In London, 51 employee volunteers helped sort over 6,600 winter coats benefiting HandsOn London’s annual coat drive Wrap Up London. This initiative collects and re-distributes warm coats to people in need during the winter months. Since 2011, over 54,000 coats have been distributed through this initiative. American Express volunteers have given their time to this campaign for several years, including some celebrating their fourth Wrap Up London!

Bessemer Trust

Hours of Service Generated: 45
Employees Engaged: 15
Projects Completed: 1

Bessemer Trust employees in Woodbridge, NJ returned to the Boys and Girls Club of Union County on November 29. Volunteers created tasty snack bags for the children to enjoy. This was followed by a “Fun and Fit” workshop where kids and volunteers alike participated in various activities including a relay race, egg toss competition and bowling.


Duke Energy

Hours of Service Generated: 576
Employees Engaged: 218
Projects Completed: 8

In the month of November, Duke Energy hosted eight projects in 7 different markets. A total of 218 volunteers contributed 576 hours to their respective projects supporting focus areas ranging from education to homelessness and hunger. A couple project highlights include:

On November 17, fifteen Duke Energy volunteers, under the partnership of HandsOn Northwest North Carolina, gave their time to the Second Harvest Food Bank of NWNC sorting and re-packaging salvaged food. For the three weeks prior to the project, Duke Energy employees at all 15 operation centers in the Triad participated in a food drive that benefitted either the Food Bank or a local food pantry that was geographically close to their operation center. More than 2,000 pounds of food were donated during the drive, which roughly equates to 1,500 meals. The employees had a great time at the project and enjoyed being able to do something different with colleagues--some of whom they had never met before!

On November 30, 18 Duke Energy employees volunteered with Hands On Asheville-Buncombe to create 144 personal care kits for homeless students and their families. The project occurred onsite at Duke Energy’s administrative offices in Asheville for the Asheville City & Buncombe County Schools Homeless Program. Volunteers learned about homelessness in Asheville/Buncombe County and how many students are currently identified as homeless this year. (At the end of the 2015-16 school year, 750 students were identified as homeless in the Asheville community- a number that program coordinators believe is too low as many parents are afraid of being reported to social services.) Volunteers used their creative side and decorated the lids of the plastic bins with stickers and colorful permanent markers. They also wrote encouraging notes to students that were included with the hygiene items in the bins.


Hours of Service Generated: 99
Employees Engaged: 50
Projects Completed: 2

UBS activated two projects in November. Both projects took place in Atlanta under the guidance of Hands On Atlanta, focused on hunger issues and food security, and totaled 50 volunteers and 99 hours. The first project was at the Atlanta Community Food Bank, where volunteers filled a shift with the packaging and sorting of donated food items.

The second project was with Meals 4 Kids, a Hands On Atlanta program. Meals 4 Kids aims to ensure that students in Hands On Atlanta’s tutorial and enrichment programs, don’t go hungry on the weekends. The volunteers packed 900 backpacks filled with ready-to-eat meals and snack foods that do not require refrigeration such as instant oatmeal, fruit cups, canned meats, juice/milk boxes that are sent home with the children on the weekends. On Monday, the students will return the empty backpacks and the process continues! It is an amazing project that ensures that the children they serve never go to bed hungry.


Hours of Service Generated: 327
Employees Engaged: 191
Projects Completed: 5

During the month of November, Points of Light organized volunteer activities for Visa employees in American Fork, UT; Ashburn, VA; Brasilia, Toronto, South Africa, and Tokyo. A total of 191 Visa volunteers donated 327 volunteer hours supporting organizations such as Brasilia Litter of Light; Gifts for Tohoku Tokyo; Sao Paulo Instituto UNO; and Canada Daily Bread Food Bank.

In Brasilia, five enthusiastic volunteers undertook a 2-day, high-impact community project in partnership with Liter of Light. After a workshop, volunteers placed solar powered light poles in the streets of a local community with no access to electricity. This sustainable investment will improve security for all 42 families living in the community for at least ten years.