October 2016 Corporate News

Points of Light Corporate Partnerships Global Impact

Hours of Service Generated: 4,109
Employees Engaged: 1,459
Projects Completed: 26
Countries Impacted: 6


Hilton Worldwide

Hours of Service Generated: 1,760
Employees Engaged: 884
Projects Completed: 10

October 2016 marked the fifth annual Global Month of Service for Hilton Worldwide (HWI). HWI employees engaged in 291,620 hours of service through 4,166 projects. In this fifth year of the partnership, Points of Light Affiliates in nine markets activated 884 employees serving 1,760 hours both inside and outside the US. HWI entered new markets in 2016 including: Denver, CO; Phoenix, AZ; and Seattle, WA.

Outside the U.S., projects were hosted in Canada, Colombia, Brazil, Panama, and Poland. Points of Light was excited to join the tens of thousands of Hilton Worldwide volunteers in service and to celebrate the company exceeding its employee participation goals for the 2016 Global Month of Service.

Bessemer Trust

Hours of Service Generated: 90
Employees Engaged: 30
Projects Completed: 2

Bessemer Trust employee volunteer projects continued into the month of October. In Miami, FL, the Overtown Youth Center was excited to host 15 Bessemer Trust employees on October 13. Before the kids arrived after the school day ended, volunteers revitalized and enhanced an educational garden that is used to teach program participants about food growth and to provide the kids with a source for fresh produce. After the kids arrived, it was time for homework as well as a variety of interactive activities including a STEM LEGO challenge.

In Woodbridge, NJ on October 25, 15 Bessemer Trust employee volunteers visited the Boys and Girls Club of Union County’s AP Morris School Club. Volunteers packed over 100 snack bags and then engaged the kids in a “Fit and Fun” workshop. In addition, the kids participated in a bridge building workshop using every child’s favorite ingredient – chocolate!

Fidelity Investments

Hours of Service Generated: 1,716
Employees Engaged: 331
Projects Completed: 2

American Fork, UT: On October 29, 140 Fidelity volunteers transformed new partner, Geneva Elementary. Volunteers refreshed key inside areas of the school with a much needed coat of paint and created terrariums to provide students with a fun way to learn about plant life. Employees also painted a large Geneva Giants mural outside and created a patio area with pavers and new benches.

Fort Worth, TX: New Fidelity partner, Dunbar High School, hosted 191 volunteers on October 1. Through vibrant murals and fence art, volunteers added school spirit throughout the campus. In addition, a previously unused room was transformed into a “Senior’s Lounge” where seniors can gather to work on assignments or to research college possibilities. Employees also showed appreciation for the teachers with a makeover of the teachers’ lounge!

Mondelēz International

Hours of Service Generated: 543
Employees Engaged: 214
Projects Completed: 12

October was Mondelēz International’s Annual Global Volunteer Month. In Chicago, IL and East Hanover, NJ, 214 volunteers took part in 12 projects focused on promoting health and well-being. From engaging school children in a Kids Active Fest to refurbishing bikes for children around the world, the impact was widespread. In addition, hundreds of Mondelēz employees around the United States created “greenhouse kits” to offer kids a fun and interactive way to learn about plant growth.