Points of Light’s Veteran Leader Corps Receives 2013 National Service Impact Award

Washington, D.C. – Points of Light’s Veteran Leader Corps was recognized as a 2013 National Service Impact Award honoree by the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) during the AmeriCorps 20th Anniversary kick-off ceremony in Washington, D.C., on September 20, 2013.

The National Service Impact Awards recognize the demonstrable impact made by everyday citizens who serve their communities and exemplify the best in national and community service.

The Veteran Leader Corps (VLC) includes 75 AmeriCorps members who work with volunteer centers and workforce development nonprofits around the country to help support veterans and military families. Half of all Veteran Leader Corps members are veterans themselves and over 80 percent have some tie to the military, as a spouse or child of a veteran.

Since its inception in October 2012, VLC members have assisted 766 veterans with job readiness services and engaged more than 7,596 volunteers in civic opportunities.

“We are working to turn a sea of goodwill toward veterans into tangible action to improve lives,” said Mike Monroe, a former Marine and now vice president of military initiatives at Points of Light. “We are truly honored to be recognized for making a difference.”

As nearly 1 million service members transition out of the military and return home during the next four years, communities across the nation are seeking meaningful ways to help. To that end, Points of Light manages the Community Blueprint, a scalable and adaptable framework of tools, resources and specific solutions now used by 50 communities to support and engage veterans, military members and their families.

To support the work of the Blueprint and provide a direct connection to veterans, Points of Light – with support from Exelis, UPS Foundation and CNCS – established the Veteran Leader Corps AmeriCorps program.  This peer-to-peer program enlists veterans as local leaders and helps veterans gain meaningful skills they can use during their transition to civilian life.

“The Corporation for National and Community Service gives these awards to shine a spotlight on the impact our programs are making in communities throughout the country,” said Wendy Spencer, CEO of the Corporation for National and Community Service. “We know the value in engaging volunteers and national service leaders, and it’s an honor to recognize these great programs and great volunteer leaders in action.”


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