Community Blueprint

The Community Blueprint offers a suite of resources to help communities work smarter together and create lasting change. The set of tools and practices provides a framework for communities to produce positive, measurable outcomes for veterans, military members and their families.

Call to Action:

We are calling upon communities to unite and leverage the Community Blueprint tools to take action.


We want the Community Blueprint to serve as a model for change – for new solutions to community challenges.

The Community Blueprint consists of two components: The Blueprint Toolbox and the Community Blueprint Network.

The Blueprint Toolbox is organized into eight impact areas featuring resources and tools and community solutions. (See the illustration below and click on each issue area for a list of related information.)

The Community Blueprint Network includes local communities across the country, Advisory Council members and their organizations, plus additional partner organizations. (Communities are in the states shaded in blue below, plus Puerto Rico.)


To learn more about the Community Blueprint, click here.

To become part of the Community Blueprint network, apply here.