Students and a teacher in class

Education changes lives in unimaginable ways, and in the modern world nothing is so great a predictor of a person’s future employment, salary, or standard of living. America’s military veterans and children face unique challenges in education. We owe it to them to help them overcome these hurdles and attain the education they need to be successful.

The following are community solutions for addressing challenges related to education and the military community. These community solutions were identified and developed by a national coalition of over 55 veteran and military-serving organizations nonprofits and government agencies.

Community Solutions

K-12 Education

Learn more about education k-12 and the military community.

  • School Transfers - Adopt systems to ensure easy acceptance of transcripts and credits of a relocating military child.
  • School Training - Train schools to identify military children and inform them on the issues and resources. Interested in this resources you should also check out the Ready, Set, Go Training
  • Community Resources - (Coming Soon) Implement programs that welcome and support military children.
  • Annual Media Campaign - Celebrate the contributions and sacrifices of the military child.
  • Guide to Impact Aid - Learn about Impact Aid, a Department of Education program that compensates schools with significant military child attendance.
  • Community Action Team - Learn how to form a K-12 Education Community Action Team.

Higher Educaton

Learn more about higher education and military community.

  • Career Counselor Training - Train counselors about special military issues and resources.
  • Mentoring - Offer mentors to student Veteran, service members and their families.
  • Scholarships - Offer special financial programs for student Veterans, service members and their families.
  • Campus Welcome and Reintegration - Develop and implement strategies to identify and support military-connected students and families.