Housing Stability and Homeless Assistance

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Homelessness in a developed nation is inexcusable, but homelessness among the military community is even more shameful. These citizens have sacrificed for their country, often risking their lives to protect American freedoms.

In the United States, 200,000 veterans will be homeless at one point during a year’s time, with approximately 107,000 veterans being homeless each night. Nearly one fifth of the homeless population is veterans, though only 8% of the general population can claim veteran status. Learn more about housing stability and homelessness among veterans.

The following are community solutions for addressing housing stability and homelessness among veterans. These community solutions were identified and developed by a national coalition of over 55 veteran and military-serving organizations nonprofits and government agencies.

Community Solutions

  • Homelessness Training - Provide shelters, veteran service organizations, nonprofits, and community members with the knowledge required to effectively combat veteran homelessness.
  • Supportive Housing Awareness - Raising awareness of veteran homelessness to current supportive housing opportunities in your community; raising awareness of the importance of supportive housing as a solution to homelessness to housing developers and funders