Research, Evaluation and Measurement

Points of Light Research, Evaluation and Measurement unit collaborates with corporations, foundations, government agencies, and community-based and national nonprofits to measure the impact of and identify effective practices in volunteerism and civic engagement activities, programs and initiatives around the country and abroad.   

  • Program and Event Evaluation: The ultimate goal of our work is social betterment, to which evaluation can contribute by assisting to better select, oversee, improve and make sense of social programs and policies. The Points of Light approach to program evaluation responds to our need to demonstrate program effectiveness and impact as well as equip program directors with information to assist in improving and scale the most effective programs and services. 
  • Applied Social Research: Our applied research initiatives focus on examining civic health and volunteerism, with an emphasis on topics such as volunteer leadership and youth service. We collaborate with leading research groups, think tanks and academic institutions to implement our research agenda and promote thought leadership for the civic sector.
  • Performance Measurement: Our evaluation and measurement team provides monitoring and evaluation services to assess the extent to which strategies and tactics designed to satisfy our annual and strategic goals are successful. We aspire to create sophisticated operational, programmatic and environmental data-gathering and learning processes, to infuse learning into planning and strategy execution to promote organizational success.   

National Days of Service, Signature Events and Programs

Corporate Social Responsibility and Volunteering

Launched in 2010, the Employee Volunteer Program Reporting Benchmarking Tool was developed with support from the AT&T Foundation. Track, report and benchmark your Corporate Volunteer Programs with other socially responsible companies.  

Social Research

Results of a new study, found that kids and teens who have more exposure to character-building skills such as sharing, being kind and helping others, are more likely to volunteer in their communities, and with greater frequency.