Daily Point of Light #4412, Sarah Nadarajan

High school students have notoriously developed a reputation for using their parents as an unlimited ATM machine, seemingly unaware of any financial discipline.  

Daily Point of Light #4365, Maria Precht

Maria Precht has dedicated 900 hours to the Junior League of Annapolis, a non-profit organization comprised of women committed to promoting civic action. Maria’s service is largely spent with children and homeless families. She recently distributed 1,000 bags of school supplies to children at local schools through the League’s Book Bag program. To raise awareness about childhood obesity, Maria taught healthy eating choices to kids in her community.

Daily Point of Light #4364, Joe & Elaine Griswold

Joe and Elaine Griswold were inspired to help the children of Uganda, Africa, on an unexpected tour of a government-sponsored village school. Since the tour, the couple has co-founded two non-profit organizations: Tree of Life Ministries in Uganda and Real Partners Uganda in the United States. The Griswolds, two retired teachers, have now devoted their lives to Ugandan children and have brought hope to the community through the Mustard Seed Academy in Lukaya, Uganda, which serves 300 children from age 3 to 13.

Daily Point of Light #4343, Callahan Fore

Callahan Fore is extremely passionate about service to his community. In 2006, Callahan created a non-profit organization, SweatMonkey, that focuses on community service resources for students, organizations, and teachers. is a free website that builds connections that benefit everyone—youth, teachers, schools—without wasting a single sheet of paper. As a user-friendly, free internet resource that connects students with organizations, SweatMonkey helps students and teachers track their hours and generate community service resumes.

Daily Point of Light #4029, Naval Undersea Warfare Center

The Naval Undersea Warfare Center (Newport Division) is solidifying America’s future by educating our young about the endless possibilities of having a career in engineering and science.  Eliminating the gap between science and our youth is an imperative step in solidifying America’s future within the global economy. With help from the Chief of Naval Operations, the Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division of Newport developed formal Mathematics and Science Educational Outreach Program. 

Daily Point of Light 3949, Ellen Dean

Please read the following narrative about volunteer, Ellen Dean. Ellen Dean addresses the need to educate new generations of children to the age old use for books. Opening their minds to another way of learning that does not include television or computers. She helps them sharpen their reading skills therefore indirectly helping them overall in the whole school experience. Which will benefit them as they grow older and advance to each grade.

Daily Point of Light 3914, Addie Mix

Addie is the co-founder and Executive Director of a voluntary organization titled “Reclaim A Youth” aka R.A.Y. She has been at the helm of R.A.Y. since its inception in 1993. Addie does not receive a salary and does not receive a stipend. Her work is simply passion in action.

Daily Point of Light, Great Kids Explorer Club, 3891

In 2001 several community-minded volunteers, experienced in working with neighborhood at-risk children created Great Kids Explorer Club - an innovative early intervention program that targets at-risk students from kindergarten through fifth grade. The group sought to bridge the gaps they saw between the efforts of schools and parents and to address ongoing issues that impeded the success of the community’s children, especially the low income ones.