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Daily Point of Light #4411, Volusia Honor Air

What is the greatest gift that you can give to veterans of the “greatest generation?”  Often, just a heartfelt thanks.

Volunteers of the Volusia Honor Air are trying to deliver a gift of thanks to former service members in the Daytona Beach area by ensuring that every World War II veteran has the opportunity to see the National Word War II Memorial.

The Memorial opened to the public in April 2004 at a time when WWII veterans were passing away at a rate of more than 1,000 per day. Many never lived to see the monument erected in their honor.

Daily Point of Light #4395 - Andrew Castellano

Andrew Castellano is a native New Mexican who switched careers as a retail salesman to a AmeriCorps VISTA member  Feeling frustrated with his stymied career path, Andrew decided to focus his time and energy on giving back to his community.

Daily Point of Light #4386, Magdelene

Founded by in 1997 by Becca Stevens, an Episcopal priest on Vanderbilt's campus, Magdalene is a residential program for women who have survived lives of violence, prostitution and addiction. For two years, Magdelene offers housing, food, medical and dental needs, therapy, education and job training, all without charge or to the women receiving treatment.

Daily Point of Light #4381, Project Angel Faces

After a terrible car accident that left her body severely wounded, dancer Rhonda Killough, decided to found Project AngelFaces as a part of her physical and emotional recovery. Today, Project AngelFaces is a multifaceted social service organization working to improve the quality of life of community elders, youth and mentally handicapped individuals in need by providing them with fresh fruits and vegetables. Project AngelFaces participants and volunteers believe in the abundance of the world, making needed food available for Henderson, Nevada community members.  

Daily Point of Light #4362, Debbie Reid

Debbie Reid co-founded the Bikes for Kids of Utah non-profit organization. Each year the organization gives 1,000 underprivileged kids each a bike to promote exercise, give them a mode of transportation, and teach them safety. Service has always been important to Debbie. Many volunteers and sponsors step forward to help provide kids with a bike they will remember forever. Bike rides and silent auctions also raise money for the event.  The fundraising efforts are very successful and have brought in enough money to provide children with helmets, locks, and water bottles.

Daily Point of Light #4361, Rich Smith

Rich Smith is a dedicated volunteer of the Tonto National Forest. For nearly six years, he has served the public by reducing the natural resource impact from off-highway vehicles (OHV), while improving recreational opportunities for Tonto National Forest visitors. From March 2005 to 2008, Rich formed and led the Friends of Sycamore, a group of individuals and volunteers who helped address concerns in high-use OHV sites that were negatively impacting the Tonto National Forest.

Daily Point of Light #4360, Cindy Baczewski

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Phoenix had a plan to combat the increases in juvenile crime, gang activity and drug trafficking that was plaguing the West Valley.   Together with several community partners, they were preparing to tackle these challenges by expanding programs and building three new Clubhouses in these needy areas. However, to be successful in these efforts, the Boys & Girls Clubs needed to increase the fundraising and volunteer efforts of its auxiliary groups.

Daily Point of Light #4359, Renee Van Heel

When wildfires devastated her community in 2007 and burned her home, Renee van Heel did not wallow in despair, instead she got “fired up.” Renee founded a support group to help the women of the San Diego community who had lost their homes.  The organization, Fired Up Sisters, works to get fire victims back into their homes and help fire victims to become fire survivors.  The group has grown to include six hundred women in the last two and a half years and continues with its efforts until all of its members are back in their homes.

Daily Point of Light #4357, Dr. Ken Johnson

Dr. Ken Johnson creates smiles that will last a lifetime through the free dental work he provides to children in need. "My father was a generous, giving man who instilled in me a core value of giving back & helping out,” recalls Ken. “He raised funds for needy community members even while not having much money to support his own family.” Ken has been giving back through providing volunteer dental services throughout his entire 44 year career. As a young dentist Ken made 25 international trips to provide volunteer dental care in impoverished countries throughout the world.

Daily Point of Light #4356, Colleen Belcher & South Shore YMCA

Sometimes a seemingly small decision has a big impact. At the South Shore YMCA it all started with the idea for a t-shirt – a shirt that would help others distinguish the volunteers from the staff. Two years ago the YMCA’s volunteer program was in shambles. It had only 15 volunteers. “We began our endeavor with nothing more than a blessing that we could run with this and nothing more than the determination that this was something that needed to be done,” recalls Colleen Belcher, who was part of the team charged with reinvigorating the YMCA’s volunteer program.