Points of Light staff volunteer

September Staff Volunteer Mulching at Zoo Atlanta

Today’s post is written by Shaketia Robinson, the Intern and Volunteer Services Coordinator for Points of Light.  A graduate of American Intercontinental University, Shaketia holds a Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration with a concentration in Management.

Here at Points of Light we believe strongly in practicing what we preach! Every month we indulge in a service project with a local nonprofit. This month we had the pleasure of volunteering with Zoo Atlanta.

Our Atlanta staff were hosted by the horticulture department, a friendly, fun-loving bunch of people who really care about their work and the animals they attend to. They guided us in mulching the primate exhibit, which is a task that is performed at least twice a year. Mulching is extremely important to maintaining a healthy enclosure landscape. Mulching not only looks nice, but it adds nutrition to enrich the soil, helps to retain moisture, protects soil from erosion, and helps prevent weed growth.