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Friday Volunteer News Round Up

Happy Friday! What a busy week we've had between Make A Difference Day, the largest day of service last weekend, and supporting Hurricane Sandy relief efforts however we can. We hope all are regaining power and staying safe up north. We are working with our HandsOn Network Volunteer Action Centers and partners activated across the northeast to help coordinate the volunteer response. We are currently supporting the American Red Cross and 211 operations throughout the region. Visit our HandsOn Network disaster page to register your interest to volunteer.

Here are the volunteer news from the week, including some great recaps from Make a Difference Day:

Friday Volunteer News Round Up!

It's Friday! We hope everyone is staying safe and out of harms way of Hurricane Isaac. Here are ways you can help and stay prepared for hurricane weather through the Red Cross.  We will continue to update our Handson Network disaster web page as we receive new updates.

Give Blood For National Blood Donor Month

Give Blood ButtonDid you not make a New Year's resolution? Want to easily make a difference in a big way?

Give blood.

January is National Blood Donor month, what better way to start your year, then giving blood?

Daily Point of Light #4567 Ross Ogden

Ross Ogden receiving the National Harriman Award 2010

Honoring the 10th Anniversary for 9/11

Today's guest post is written by Jacob Bernstein, a 17 year-old from St.

Daily Point of Light 3954, Jody Fazzano

Jody Fazzano is a licensed clinical social worker with a Master's degree in social work, as well as being qualified to counsel people with substance abuse issues. In addition, Jody formerly was a news producer for the local ABC affiliate, channel 6 in Providence, RI. Jody has continued her work in the social/clinical area as an independent case worker. To say that she maintains a busy schedule would be an extreme understatement.

Daily Point of Light 3900, Wesley and Donna Hankes

Wesley and Donna Hankes devote their time and efforts to Disaster Relief Operaions and Events. They are on-call twenty four hours a day, and seven days a week. They respond to single family fires and assist with whatever is needed on the site. They have been volunteering and assisting the community for two years and have made a tremendous impact in just that short time.

Daily Point of Light 3899, Lisa Doig

Lisa Doig leads a community organization that was established to improve communications and disaster preparedness and response in the Hispanic community in northwest Volusia County in the state of Florida. Working with community leaders, she was the driving force in creating the GCRD in 2007. The GCRD includes members from major groups in the northwest Volusia County area: United Hispanics, Farm Workers Association , Community Foundation, Battered Women Advocates, Catholic Charities, Nation Farm Working Ministry, Volusia County Schools and others.

Daily Point of Light, Rachel Rene Moore, 3892

Rachel Moore has been volunteering at the Red Cross for six years. She has contributed ninety-six hours each month every June, July and August and twenty hours weekly during times of disaster like the February 2007 tornado, the November 2007 tornado, Hurricane Katrina and more. Rachel's activities have been centered around the Disaster Services program. Her duties have included serving meals from the Emergency Response Vehicles, responding to home fires with the Disaster Action Team Members, and working as the copy person.