Serve Rhode Island’s Volunteers Respond to Winter Storm Nemo

Winter storm Nemo dumped more than two feet of snow and left more than 187,000 Rhode Islanders without power this past week. With many people stuck in their homes from the snow pile up WPRI/Fox Providence teamed up with United Way 211 and Serve Rhode Island to help dig Rhode Islanders out of the aftermath of the blizzard.

Volunteering is Good for Your Health

Today's blog is reposted from United Church Homes on Nov. 30, 2012.

Residents of Cherry Arbor affordable housing community in North Lewisburg, Ohio, are always looking for ways to serve others.

On Election Day they made chili and cornbread available to anyone who needed to come in, sit and get a bite to eat. Once a week they host a free exercise class that’s open to the North Lewisburg community. And every month they host a mobile food pantry that provides basics to about 60 local families.

Change through Volunteerism: About Maine’s League of Young Voters

Today's guest post is written by Teddy Burrage, 23, a writer at MyMaineProperty.com.

Over the past year, I’ve been volunteering a lot of my time to Maine’s League of Young Voters based out of Portland. It’s a progressive, nonpartisan group dedicated to engaging young people in politics on the local, state and national levels. Made up almost completely of volunteers, the League has only two permanent, paid positions: the executive director and Portland organizer. The rest of the organization consists of about 20 members serving in leadership roles on a range of committees.

Four Ways to Make Time for Volunteering after you Graduate

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Addressing Medical Needs in Rural Ghana with Blue-Med Africa

Today's guest post is written by Laura, a second year pre-med student from the UK. During the summer of 2012 she chose to volunteer with Blue-Med Africa in Ghana, and volunteered on several medical projects while out there. She writes for Degree Jungle, a resource for college students. Across the world, billions of people suffer from health inequalities that lead to untimely and unreasonable deaths. In the developing world health care is not accessible for many, and the basic living standards needed in order to fight off diseases can also not be achieved. During the summer of 2012 I chose to broaden my view of health care across the world by spending a month in Ghana.

Let's Feed Our College Students

Today's post is written by Lisa Thomas-McMillan, who runs a small nonprofit food bank, Calisa, Inc., and restaurant in Brewton, Ala. Seventeen years ago when I moved back to my hometown of Brewton I had no idea where I was headed in life or what I was going to do. After a few months at home I noticed a lot of elderly people were struggling with food issues and other problems that they needed help with. I had no funds for the more costly problems, but I did manage to put money together to prepare hot meals and food boxes for people and deliver them. They were ever so grateful and as word spread so did the demands for the meals and food boxes.