Volunteering Hungary - Center of Social Innovation (ÖKA)

The aim of Volunteering Hungary - Centre of Social Innovation (ÖKA) is to spread the culture of volunteerism and integrating it into the life of communities jointly with private entities, NGOs, institutions and businesses.
ÖKA is a unique initiator of programs and services in the filed of volunteering. Since 2002 it works for a better volunteer framework in Hungary in which it is easy to find quality volunteer opportunities.

World Region

Europe & Africa-Middle East

Services Offered

For individuals: 
  • Large Scale Events & Days of Service
  • Flexible Volunteer Opportunities (Calendar)
  • Long-Term Volunteer Opportunities
  • Pro-bono/skills-based
For Nonprofits: 
  • Volunteer Management Training
  • Nonprofit Consulting
  • Volunteer Recruitment and Placement
  • Leadership Training
For Companies: 
  • Employee Volunteer Program Consulting
  • Corporate Volunteer Council (CVC)
  • Volunteer Program Dev/Delivery
  • Training/Leadership Development
  • Pro-bono/Skills-based
  • Pro Bono Marathon Champion
General Services Offered : 
  • Volunteer Recognition
  • Volunteer Sector Research

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Marczibányi tér 3, 1022
Brigitta Nagy
Phone: +36-1-225-0710


Brigitta Nagy

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