Service and Dialogue Bring People Together

Inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision that people of diverse backgrounds would come together to discuss injustices of the day and create a plan for action, Sunday Suppers call people to engage in dialogue about issues affecting their communities. Pledge to host a Sunday Supper and receive our exclusive facilitator guide, full of tips and recommendations for how to bring friends and neighbors together to share a meal and conversation.

Benefits of hosting a Sunday Supper

» Builds awareness and engagement around pressing social issues
» Fosters new connections and community partnerships
» Promotes significant reflection and encourages ongoing service
» Creates an opportunity to set aside differences and find common ground through civic dialogue

Sunday Suppers can take several formats

  • Share a meal and conversation about relevant community issues
  • Try dinner and a movie.
  • View a documentary that sets the context for national and community issues Invite guests to volunteer and then gather for a snack and reflect through a Sunday Supper conversation

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