Community Blueprint FAQ


What is the Community Blueprint?

The Community Blueprint consists of community networks and the blueprint toolbox. Community Blueprint networks are local organiza ons who collaborate to implement community solu ons in their geographic regions. The Community Blueprint Toolbox houses the community solu ons that help address the impact areas for the military and veteran community.

What are “community solutions”?

Community Solutions are the step-by-step project instructions for volunteers to implement with their collaborative. They provide a framework for communities to produce positive, measurable outcomes for veterans, military members and their families.

What are the eight impact areas?

The impact areas are: employment, education, housing, legal/financial, behavioral health, family strength, reintegration and volunteerism.

Who can join the Community Blueprint Initiative?

Any 501(c)3 or a program internal to another 501(c)(3) or local, county, state government or institution of higher educa- tion.

What are the benefits of being Community Blueprint partner?

  • Continuous learning and networking opportunities with those in the military and veteran space -Access to all online tools and materials to assist in partnership and funding development
  • Recognition and promotion of involvement and accomplishments through Points of Light’s network
  • Opportunities to participate in meaningful national level advocacy and policy efforts
  • A pledge of support from Points of Light to assist you with continuing the efforts of your organization -Opportunities for grants for program advancement
  • Opportunities for National Service capacity building resources

What are the partnership requirements?

  • Submit an application
  • Conduct a needs assessment and complete a partnership agreement with local partners -Participate in Points of Light engagement activities and network activations
  • Submit annual report

How can you join?

To apply or request additional information please email [email protected].