How Do You Celebrate Individuals?

Whether you are looking to recognize volunteers who go above and beyond, dedicating their time and talents, or to develop a custom program that rewards volunteers – we can support you. Recognition programs provide exciting and meaningful ways to honor those who lead and lend support to the causes they care about. We can work together to help find or build a program that’s right for you.

Recognize & Reward

We exist to empower and inspire more points of light in communities around the world. Individuals are working with their hearts, hands and minds to create change – let’s lift up their work.

How We Recognize Volunteers

Custom Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Working together, we can help you develop a custom solution to meet your recognition and incentive needs. Examples of these custom programs include:

The Extra Mile

The Points of Light Extra Mile is a one-mile walkway in Washington, D.C., honoring actions and commitments to service that have transformed our nation and the world. Through the monument, we honor civil rights leaders, including Susan B. Anthony and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and founders of some of the world’s most important social change institutions. In doing so, we tell the connected story of how the actions of these trailblazers sparked powerful movements that shaped history and continue to influence our world today.

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