Why Employee Engagement Matters So Much

Being a good neighbor means pitching in once in a while, and businesses are no exception. If you want to build trust and goodwill within the communities you serve, promoting corporate engagement in charitable activities and organizations is one of the most effective ways of doing so. This has taken on new relevance with the rise of ESG investing, in which many investors seek out companies with strong employee engagement projects that result in commitments in the realm of the environment, social and governance issues. We can help you establish a successful employee engagement program that can kickstart your organization’s involvement in these causes, giving you an advantage over other investment opportunities.

Showing that you take this commitment seriously as a company also serves to make you more attractive to like-minded job candidates. Many of today’s best and brightest show an interest in giving back to their communities, and will be more interested in an employer that shares their values. No matter what shape you want your program to take, you can trust Points of Light to create a customized solution that meets your needs.


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Corporate Social Impact Solutions

Partnering with Points of Light means you’ll have the expertise and support you need to mobilize your colleagues and create community impact using all aspects of civic engagement. From implementing large-scale employee volunteer events, to infusing new ideas into annual employee engagement programs, partnering with Points of Light will amplify your social impact.


The Points of Light Civic Circle is a framework for doing good in many forms and can be the key to unlocking the next phase of growth or evolution for your employee engagement program. Let Points of Light help engage your employees through the opportunities with three Civic Circle products: an interactive learning session, customizable toolkit and a discussion series.

Convening, Benchmarking and Learning

Supporting and convening top corporate citizenship leaders to drive lasting social impact.

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The Civic 50

Consulting and Strategic Planning

Utilize our expertise and established processes to evaluate, analyze, recommend, implement and prove the impact for your employee engagement programs.

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DIY Employee Engagement Equipping

Use a customizable guide to engage your employees on a specific cause or range of causes important to them.

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Recognition and Impact Storytelling

Celebrate and recognize your employees with program design support and project management.

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Direct Employee Engagement

Experience a customized solution aligned specifically to your company’s strategic objectives from planning to execution to impact measurement.

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Direct Customer Engagement

Take advantage of our experienced program management and direct customer engagement for successful community impact.

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Case Study

Disney Parks, Experiences and Products wanted its ticket donation program to have a bigger impact. They turned to Points of Light to help make that happen – and then some. Points of Light collaborated with Disney to design an entirely new program that invited nonprofits and schools to organize and report on family-friendly volunteer projects and, in exchange, earn Disney Parks tickets each year. This moved the legacy ticket program from a transactional model to an incentives-based one with the threefold effect of promoting good in communities, encouraging people to think differently about the act of volunteering and sharing magical Disney experiences with even more youth. Points of Light shaped the development of the program and drew upon our expertise to provide the guidance, tools, resources and positioning to turn something transactional into something transformative.

A New Measure of Your Success

As a business leader, you already know the value of a team pulling together to accomplish a shared goal. But there’s more to your success as an organization than just the bottom line. Points of Light has the expertise to help you leverage your strong internal culture to make a positive impact on your community beyond your economic contributions. With our guidance, you can establish a community and/or employee volunteer and engagement program that can expand the good you do for those around you. By embracing corporate social responsibility programs, you’ll be making a difference for more than your balance sheet.


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