How We Serve the Social Sector

There are three main ways Points of Light supports the needs of the social sector:

  • Strategic Volunteer Engagement: We equip organizations with the skills and resources needed to accelerate their mission through volunteers.
  • Partnerships: We partner with organizations committed to strengthening local communities and shaping cultures of civic engagement around the world.
  • Thought Leadership: We provide and participate in conversations and convenings that provide opportunities for social and civic leaders to gain and share knowledge, resources and connections needed to galvanize the power of people to create change.

With our global reach, Points of Light is uniquely positioned to support social organizations to leverage the power of people to deliver on their missions and achieve social change.


With Organizations in the Points of Light Global Network


Increasing Volunteer Engagement through the Points of Light Global Network


People Engaged Each Year

Opportunities for Nonprofits/NGOs

Organizations focused on mobilizing volunteers should seek more information about the Points of Light Global Network, while nonprofits/NGOs looking for deeper ties to local industry and highly skilled volunteers should learn about becoming a certified Service Enterprise and screening services.

Post a Volunteer Opportunity

Do you have a volunteer opportunity that needs to be filled? Post your project on Points of Light Engage, our volunteer search engine that makes it easy for volunteers to find local opportunities to serve.

Success Story

Helping Cities in India Create a Culture of Service

in 2001, NGOs in India worked in silos and had trouble engaging volunteers - particularly middle-class citizens who had the resources to give back, but for whom volunteering was not a part of their culture. That's when iVolunteer was founded. It now has seven offices in India, 350 NGO partners and has engaged more than 10,000 volunteers in the last year alone, making it one of the largest organizations in the Points of Light Global Network.