The Top 10 CSR Events to Attend This Year

Dec 5, 2023

In today’s business landscape, embracing corporate social responsibility (CSR) is vital for companies to demonstrate their commitment to ethical practices and their engagement with the communities they serve. For CSR professionals, nonprofit organizations and enthusiastic individuals, attending top CSR events is an excellent opportunity to strengthen your skills and grow your impact. These conferences offer a platform for networking, staying on trend and acquiring essential skills required to excel in the realm of social impact.

Here are our picks for the top 10 CSR events you should attend in 2024


The 16th Annual Global CSR & ESG Summit & Awards™, a leading platform in sustainability thought leadership, is set for April 25, 2024, at the Novotel Hanoi, Thai Ha, Vietnam. This year, it coincides with the 4th Annual Global Food Security & Sustainability Summit, highlighting the synergy between ESG and food security. The event will gather thought leaders and hundreds of professionals in CSR and ESG, offering a rich experience with the added highlight of the Global CSR & ESG Awards™. Attendees will also have the unique opportunity to visit notable sustainability projects in Vietnam, making this a comprehensive and insightful event for those at the forefront of sustainability and corporate responsibility.


Celebrating its 20th year, the Annual Diversity & Leadership Conference is set to offer a fully virtual experience with a lineup of globally recognized speakers. These experts will share their insights on integrating diverse aspects of inclusion and diversity, providing valuable takeaways for both personal and professional development. This year, the event begins with the National DEI Training Week from March 18–21, 2024, focusing on deepening understanding and skills in diversity, equity and inclusion. The conference continues with its second segment from April 15–18, featuring a series of panel discussions and interactive workshops designed to foster learning and engagement in these critical areas.


Chances are, you’re already familiar with the SXSW Conference, an annual gathering that brings together a worldwide community of digital innovators to explore pioneering concepts, ignite new passions and connect with peers who have a keen interest in future-oriented experiences. The upcoming conference, scheduled for March 8–15, 2024, promises an array of sessions covering key advancements in technology, film, culture and music, offering a diverse and enriching experience for all attendees.


The corporate social impact arena is undergoing a significant transformation. As expectations rise, the roles, strategies and language of the field are adapting to new norms, with purpose becoming increasingly integrated into every aspect of business operations. From September 8–10, 2024, in San Diego, this is an opportunity to engage with fellow professionals, establish fresh connections and discover how to turn emerging trends into actionable strategies. This is your chance to pave the way for your company to be a leader in this essential period of change.


Be a part of the esteemed Responsible Business 2024 Annual Conference, taking place from November 18–21, 2024, in San Jose. This premier annual event offers a unique and enriching experience for its participants, encompassing members of the RBA and its Initiatives, as well as representatives from non-member companies. The conference also welcomes a diverse array of attendees including industry experts, government officials, members of intergovernmental organizations, civil society and other influential stakeholders.


For over two decades, the International Corporate Citizenship Conference, organized by the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship (BCCCC), has been a pivotal gathering for CSR professionals from around the world. This event, set to take place in Memphis from April 28–30, 2024, offers a unique platform for attendees to learn, exchange ideas and build networks with like-minded peers. This year’s conference focuses on redefining resilience, providing valuable insights and strategies to enhance your organization’s CSR initiatives.


Scheduled for May 14–16, 2024, in Minneapolis, this event is a prime gathering spot for those driving change, encompassing both business and nonprofit leaders in the corporate social impact realm. Attendees will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding and expand their networks. The focus will be on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), employee engagement, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), and navigating a complex economic landscape. The event will feature insightful talks from prominent speakers and breakout sessions designed for rich exchanges of ideas and strategies.


Reuters is set to host another edition of its Responsible Business Europe Summit, scheduled for June 11–12, 2024. This key event, taking place in London, is specifically designed for leaders in the business and finance sectors. With a lineup of more than 80 chief executives and top executives, the summit aims to guide participants through the challenges of the present while revealing the vast potential of businesses focused on long-term, profitable and sustainable decision-making.


Be a part of the transformative journey with Sustainable Brands’ 2024 Brand-Led Culture Change event in Minneapolis from May 8–10, 2024. This gathering is a melting pot for innovative thinkers and brand pioneers focused on leveraging brand influence to drive positive behavioral and cultural shifts. Learn how top global brands are scaling their influence to inspire consumers towards championing a regenerative future.


Don’t miss out on the 2024 Points of Light Conference. Set to take place in Houston, from June 11–14, this annual event serves as a dynamic convergence point for businesses, the nonprofit sector and individuals from diverse walks of life. This year’s conference promises over 50 educational workshops, engaging leadership dialogues and numerous networking opportunities. It’s an ideal platform for leveraging our distinct backgrounds, experiences and viewpoints to make a significant impact in the world. Be a part of this change-driving experience.

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