A Movement of Community Change through Volunteering

At Points of Light, we believe volunteering isn’t just nice, it’s necessary. It has a positive impact on the wellbeing of those who serve. Volunteers meet critical community needs. And, volunteering has the power to heal our societies by creating empathy and equity, increasing meaningful connections that bridge divides.   

Creating a World Where No One Sits on the Sidelines

The world is full of heroes — individuals with a desire to help, nonprofit/NGO volunteer organizations identifying needs, corporations with resources — but it's not always easy to bring them together. Points of Light sits at the intersection of these three audiences and with our Global Network, we help forge new connections, inspiring and accelerating people-powered change in communities around the world to solve society's toughest issues.

Points of Light's Civic Circle®

We believe we’re on the cusp of a new era, the Civic Century, where people will be the driving force of change. And we know individuals are taking action in many ways, and that doing good comes in many forms. Points of Light’s Civic Circle is a framework that represents your power to lead, lend support and take action for causes you care about. Combine various elements to advance an issue or solve a problem in multiple ways. It’s your system for changing systems.

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Civic Circle

The Points of Light Global Network

The Points of Light Global Network includes innovative volunteer-mobilizing and community service organizations who serve more than 145 affiliates across 39 countries around the world. Together we offer creative, impactful and inspiring ways for people to take action and engage in their communities. See the difference we make.


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Honor The Volunteers Who Brighten Our World

We recognize individuals and families who give their time, talent, voice and resources to make a difference in their communities. Through their extraordinary work, these points of light demonstrate the power of individuals to spark change and improve the world.

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When you give to Points of Light, you support the vision of millions of individuals and organizations across the globe helping to solve society’s greatest challenges through volunteer service.


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