Becoming a Community Blueprint Community

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Community Blueprint Community!

In order to become a Community Blueprint Community (CBC), we ask that you do the following:

  1. Convene at least three leaders in the community and document commitments from the meeting.
  2. Submit a completed Community Blueprint Community Entry Form.
  3. Submit signed Community Blueprint MOUs for each Convening Organization.
  4. Agree to implement at least two of the IMPACT AREA COMMUNITY SOLUTIONS in year one of membership.
  5. Agree to expand into at least one other IMPACT AREA in year two of membership.
  6. Agree to fill out yearly bi-annual Metrics Sheet and the CBC End of Year Survey.

**Click here for the Metric Sheet

**Click here for the End of Year Survey



A FOUR star CBC is one that meets all regular CBC requirements but has achieved a greater level of impact. In order to be rated a FOUR Star CBC, you must implement at least two COMMUNITY SOLUTIONS in ALL IMPACT AREAS, or demonstrate an equivalent level of impact and reach – in cases where a community’s needs do not match exactly to current SOLUTIONS or IMPACT AREAS. 

Benefits of being a Blueprint Community:  

  • Fundraising — enable your community to add weight to your fundraising efforts, upsell current donors, and recruit new donors
  • Networking —  build relationships and learn from others doing work in other communities. By becoming an offical Community Blueprint, your site is automatically included in the Community Blueprint Network (CBN)
  • Recognition — be recognized for your efforts online, in print and online publications, as well as at events organized by Points of Light and by our national partners
  • Access to Tools and Training — utilize the full suite of online tools to support your work and receive free access to all training opportunities
  • Help — receive fact-based input and expertise advice from Points of Light and Advisory Council members that allows you to focus your collective energy. (Examples: fundraising, national service resources, individualized consultation)