Rachel Carson

Rachel Carson’s philosophy of conservation and the desire for people to coexist peacefully with nature guided her contributions to the preservation of the environment, and the human race. Her love of nature and her eloquent literary style laid the groundwork for the modern day environmental movement. In 1962, she wrote “Silent Spring,” a passionate expose of the far-reaching indiscriminate use of pesticides. Her work became the catalyst for an environmental philosophy that sought to promote the respectful coexistence of mankind and the environment.

Social issues Rachel Carson addressed:

  • Environment
  • Education about the environment
  • Animals

Social issues that need to be addressed today:

  • Environment – Rachel Carson’s book, “Silent Spring,” brought widespread attention to the dangers and long-lasting effects of a pesticide known as DDT.  The use of DDT has declined in the U.S., but the public needs to be aware of how pesticides affect our air, water and soil, which affects animals and humans. Source
  • Education about the Environment – Rachel Carson is considered to be the founder of the modern environmental movement. Since 1970, Earth Day has been celebrated around the world to educate people about protecting our Environment. Source
  • Animals – 1,300 species of plants and animals are endangered in America, pesticides are a factor in endangering plants and animals. Source