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Transforming Organizations Through Strategic Volunteer Engagement
A national change-management approach, the Service Enterprise Initiative helps organizations gain a greater return on volunteer investment to meet their missions by tackling tough questions like: How do we address myths or misconceptions about volunteers among our staff? How can we get more resources for volunteering and make our program more sustainable? Points of Light is currently seeking to expand its Service Enterprise Hub network. Learn more about the benefits of becoming a Hub, program model, and how to apply.
7 Ways Your Family Can Make a Difference on Family Volunteer Day
Volunteering with your family can seem like another task to add to your to do list, but it’s easier than you think to fit it into your schedule. More important is the benefit of volunteering together, deepening your bonds with your community and with each other.
CSAA Insurance Group: Supporting Community Safety During Disaster
This year’s Northern California wildfires burned more than 600,000 acres – the largest wildfire in California history. In response to the wildfires, CSAA Insurance Group’s award-winning corporate volunteer program, AAA Volunteers, empowers and motivates employees to address diverse community needs through volunteer service, taking time from their normal job duties and daily routines to contact impacted customers.
4 Ways to Make Disaster-Relief Donations Personal and Impactful
When natural disasters strike, it can be overwhelming to think about how you can make a difference. For many people, there is a natural desire to do something substantial to help communities in need, but even the most ambitious recovery efforts and good intentions can go wrong in delicate environments.

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