Edgar J. Helms

Edgar J. Helms founded Goodwill Industries in 1902 to help people with disabilities and disadvantages fully participate in society by expanding their occupational capabilities. To accomplish this mission, Helms created an innovative system whereby Goodwill collects used items from the community and sells them in Goodwill stores to fund its employment, training and job placement programs.

Social issues Edgar J. Helms addressed:

  • Unemployment
  • Education
  • Poverty

Social issues that need to be addressed today:

  • Unemployment – The annual average unemployment rate for the civilian labor force 16 years and over is 6.2 percent (in 2014). Source
  • Education - Primary school enrollment has increased significantly worldwide and has led to rising demand for secondary schooling. However, worldwide 11% of young people are non-literate, lacking basic numerical and reading skills, and as such lack the means to be able to sustain a living through full and decent employment. Source
  • Poverty - Approximately 46.7 million are living in poverty (2014). This statement currently has 2013 as the referenced year. Source