Melvin Jones

Believing in the power of cooperative altruism, Melvin Jones helped shape Lions Club International into the largest network of services clubs in the world. The organization is committed to assisting the visually impaired and supporting sight conservation worldwide. Using the motto, “We Serve,” Lions Clubs seek to improve the lives of the needy and offer young people the chance to catch the spirit of service.

Social issues Melvin Jones addressed:

  • Education
  • Visual impairment
  • Poverty

Social issues that need to be addressed today:

  • Education - Primary school enrollment has increased significantly worldwide and has led to rising demand for secondary schooling. However, worldwide 11% of young people are non-literate, lacking basic numerical and reading skills, and as such lack the means to be able to sustain a living through full and decent employment. Source
  • Visual Impairment - 28% of people living with moderate and severe visual impairment are in their working years Visual limitations impact the ability of working people to conduct a productive life. This impacts their ability to find employment and support themselves and provide for their families. Source
  • Poverty - Approximately 46.7 million are living in poverty (2014). This statement currently has 2013 as the referenced year. Source