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Does Service Work?
ServiceWorks is part of Citi Foundation’s Pathways to Progress initiative. First launched in 2014, Pathways to Progress aimed to help low-income 16- to 24-year-olds develop the workplace skills and leadership experience necessary to compete in the 21st century economy. In spring 2017, a review of ServiceWorks was conducted based on assessment of program data and documents, plus interviews with participants and stakeholders.
Coming Together to Respond to the Refugee Crisis
In times of crisis, while nonprofits and other aid organizations are frequently depended upon, they can also experience difficulty managing resources and delivering aid to people in need. Ethelon, a Points of Light global affiliate, is uniquely suited to provide this kind of leadership among NGO partners.
Leaders of Social Change Inspire Action at the Service Unites Summit
Encompassing the themes of movement making, women’s empowerment, and economic and social justice, the Service Unites Summit at the Conference on Volunteering and Service in Seattle featured individuals from across the globe – coming together around the shared belief that being in the service of others can change the world.
Former Astronaut Dr. Mae Jemison Empowers Youth Through STEM Education
"All of us – educators, parents, teachers, school boards, governments and society at large – have a role to play in advancing humanity. But it isn’t just about getting a seat at the table – it’s about what you do with the opportunity when you get that seat."

Stories of Change

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During this year's Conference on Volunteering and Service, and with the generous support o...

Building a Movement: Leaders of Social Change...

Encompassing the themes of movement making, women’s empowerment, and economic and socia...

Announcing the 2017 Corporate Volunteer Counc...

At the 2017 Conference on Volunteering and Service yesterday, Points of Light honored t...

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