Jan 23
Though the grief over losing a loved one may never go away, Jennifer White sees how it can be transformed over time. She’s the founder of the Hope After Project, an organization that creates volunteer opportunities in memory of people who have died. The concept grew out of White's own loss.
Jan 22
At age 11 – playing in her first chess tournament – Anjana Murali learned about the gender disparity in the world of chess. Inspired by her subsequent tournament experiences, Anjana began Queen’s Game, an all-girl chess camp designed to help break down gender barriers while introducing chess to girls.
Jan 21
Posted by mmelendez to Advice for Nonprofits
“We are a generation that understands the power of rallying around a cause we believe in to make a difference in the world. Join us and see how great it feels to change the world again.” That’s the call to action of a Denver-based nonprofit, Boomers Leading Change in Health. At a recent conference, the organization's managing director provided these tips for engaging boomer volunteers.
Jan 16
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Think Big. Dig Deep. Make Change. This motto defines our outlook at RISE Egypt, an organization that I co-founded and lead that connects Egyptian social entrepreneurs to a global ecosystem of support to enable, catalyze and scale development in Egypt. As I look back on the past 15 years since I graduated college and served in AmeriCorps, I realize that it has also served as an inner mantra for many years.