Jul 03
As a young child, Justin Laferriere felt helpless as his family of eight – his parents and six kids – was evicted. During the 12 years he spent in affordable housing, Laferriere was exposed to many volunteer organizations working to help improve the lives of low-income families.
Jul 01
Back when she was in second grade, Lily Miller volunteered at a craft fair to help raise money to build a playground where all kids could play. Her contribution to the fair: stuffed lovebirds. The little creations proved so popular that Lily, now 9 years old, wondered whether she could do more with them to help others.
Jun 29
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When Makeda Perryman was getting ready to launch her life coaching business, she never thought that when it came to finances, she might need some coaching herself. But willing to do anything to make her business successful, she signed up for the Financial Opportunity Corps.
Jun 26
Although 15-year-old Trisha Prabhu had occasionally been teased online herself, she had no idea that in some cases the pattern could go on longer and cut deeper. As she learned more about cyber-bullying – which 20 percent of American high school students say they have experienced – she decided to do something.