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Jul 22
Having served myself and being married to a U.S. Navy veteran, I have experienced the tough transition process from the military life to a civilian career. And even though we seem to have made it, I can relate to others who are having a hard time adjusting to the change.
Jul 18
Today the world commemorates the birthday, life and legacy of the late Nelson Mandela. This year, on Nelson Mandela International Day, Points of Light honors Angela Hale with a Daily Point of Light Award. The Georgia native realized her passion to help people “who felt they didn’t have a voice” by volunteering at a charter school dedicated to serving young refugees.
Jul 17
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Tony Heath grew up watching his parents serve their community. It was a way of life. Volunteering became a way of life for him, too. He helped found the Better Living Center in Chester, a struggling city in Pennsylvania. The center – which assists low-income residents – provides food in an area with no grocery stores, helps with job searches, provides clothing, offers health education and screenings, and strives to provide individual solutions to individual challenges.
Jul 16
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The Points of Light Civic Accelerator brings together innovative ventures across the country focused around one common challenge: How might we create new pathways and increase access to economic opportunity for all? Now accepting applications, could the accelerator be an opportunity for you?