Sep 22
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As a child, Amara Riccio was a self-proclaimed diva. A dedicated student and performer of dance, drama, music, acrobatics and gymnastics, Amara was always on the move. She used the arts and movement to release energy, cope with stress and express herself creatively.

Sep 22
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When you think about volunteering, there are some tried and true service projects that come to mind—things like repainting the local community center or doing some landscaping at a neighborhood park. While these types of projects are still out there (and just as important as always), many volunteers are looking to get involved in new ways that uniquely engage their skills and passions.

Sep 21

For the Lamy family, volunteering together began as a way to help their oldest daughter, who lives with a form of autism, build social skills.

Sep 19

Going into the third year of a program like ServiceWorks, there have been countless stories of impact, service and memories. When you’ve engaged more than 7,500 young people and deployed almost 200 AmeriCorps VISTA members across the country in the effort to bring positive change to the lives of opportunity youth and the communities in which they live, there are bound to be plenty of moments.