Mar 03
Personal experiences with dogs have shaped the volunteer work Terrance Brown does today, helping kids enhance their reading skills.
Mar 02
Tiffany James thinks about her daughter when explaining why she is so passionate about teaching kids to read: “My daughter’s favorite book when she was little is all taped up and half the pages are gone. It was so loved, she sort of made it her friend. I just want more kids to be able to love reading as much as my daughter did.”
Feb 27
From his experience supporting the arts community – as co-founder of an arts magazine and a board member of an arts networking organization – John Ketner understands the gap between a nonprofit’s vision and what it has the capacity to do. That space is where Ketner does his best work.
Feb 27
One encourages kids to read to his dogs. Another wraps books as birthday presents. In ways that are meaningful to them, they are helping our nation’s children learn to read. First Book and Points of Light today announced that five such volunteers from across the country – all dedicated to improving literacy in their communities – will receive the Daily Point of Light Award.