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Daily Point of Light 3932, Operation Medical Libraries

Operation Medical Libraries (OML) collects and distributes current medical textbooks and journals through a partnership with American medical schools, hospitals, and physicians and the United States military. Its purpose is to foster the creation of permanent medical libraries and support the expansion of existing collections in conflict regions where healthcare education and the practice of medicine are suffering.

Daily Point of Light 3931, Kenneth Prather

Kenneth Prather is on disability retirement due to a chronic disorder by the name of Ankylosing Spondylitis. In addition, he was also hurt in 1998. This resulted in him being on life support for 32 days, three months in a long term intensive care hospital, and three years in a nursing home.

Daily Point of Light 3930, Hanna Richardson

Fourteen year old Hanna Richardson has shown distinction through her volunteerism to help the Intracranial Hypertension Research Foundation. Hanna suffers from this chronic illness which is a neurological disorder characteristic of debilitating headaches and is at risk of vision loss. Rather than become discouraged by the lack of a cure, Hanna took the initiative to try to help find a cure. She has continued this crusade since 2004 while continuing to battle frequent pain, fatigue and school struggles.

Daily Point of Light 3929, Joy Amuedo

Joy Amuedo volunteers with the Columbia Community Garden Coalition as a garden manager for the St. Joseph Street garden in Columbia, Missouri. She served two years as an AmeriCorps member with the University of Missouri, Kansas City-Institute for Human Development’s Community Support Navigators program, at the local host site, Boone County Family Services, mentoring individuals with disabilities.

Daily Point of Light 3928, Lailah Muwwakkil

Ms. Lailah A. Muwwakkil is the Director and Founder of L’ S O A R the acronym originally stood for Ladies-Striving, Overturning, Achieving, Receiving, Reward because she was originally working with female foster youth via Sacramento County’s Sacramento Assessment Center. When they asked her to also service their young men the acronym L’ S O A R also became known as, Leaders-Striving, Overturning, Achieving, Receiving, Rewarding.

Daily Point of Light 3927, Don and Nell Wilson

This couple explains their motivation for service in a scripture quote of "to whom much is given, much is expected" and say that God has been good to them and as long as he gives them the strength to help others, they will continue to do so. An excellent example of caring, considerate and dedicated individuals who at the ages of 87 and 89, with steadily increasing gas prices, brave the elements to deliver meals to those desperately in need of home delivered meals.

Daily Point of Light 3926, Knight Nonprofit Center

After the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, many of the nonprofit agencies in the Mississippi area were homeless. The aftermath of the storm placed such strains on their limited staff and facilities – many of whom were working out of portable buildings – that their own needs for adequate office space were put on the back burner. Anthony Topazi, President of MS Power Company and the Gulf Coast Business Council had a vision and the drive to have a nonprofit center to house a majority of the nonprofit agencies along the Gulf Coast.

Daily Point of Light 3925, William Fuller

William "Dalton" Fuller is seventeen years old and attends Kinston High School in Kinston, Alabama. He will be graduating as an honor student in May of 2009. During his time in high school, he has made service a priority while still excelling with his studies. He has taken dual enrollment classes through a local junior college while in high school and has been active in many school activities as well as being employed through his high school years.

Daily Point of Light 3924, Howard Nelson

Howard Nelson has dedicated himself to coach the children in Montgomery County, Maryland for the past twelve years. In 1996, he began coaching t-ball during both the Spring and Fall seasons. A few years later, this evolved into coach-pitch, then machine-pitch, and ultimately kid-pitch baseball. In between baseball seasons, Howard also coached Winter basketball.

Daily Point of Light 3923, Elvis Cintra

Mr. Elvis Cintra and his wife, Victoria Cintra, have served MIRA since late 2005, when Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, leaving them and countless other immigrant families homeless. While other Coastal families were attempting to distance themselves as far away from the harm and destruction being experienced, Elvis and his wife answered the call to return from refuge to help thousands of immigrants who had been unlawfully evicted from emergency shelters and denied emergency benefits.

Daily Point of Light 3922, Kirsten Dively

Kirsten Dively has been a part of the high school Service Program since she was a freshman. She has accumulated more than 1,000 hours of service to her school district, church and community. Service is a family inspired commitment of importance.

Daily Point of Light 3921, Joshua Williams

At the tender age of five, Joshua became passionate about assisting the needy after viewing “Feed the Children.” He was in disbelief at the suffering that children everywhere were subject to. His first solution to the problem was that his mother should adopt some of these unfortunate children along with sending money to help others. His mother felt touched by his compassion and promised that they would help in whatever ways they could. Weeks after his interest in helping the needy had been sparked, his grandmother gifted him some pocket money.

Daily Point of Light 3920, Adam Macksound

For the past five years, Mr. Adam Macksoud, Deputy Department Head of the Autonomous and Defensive Systems Department of the Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) Division, Newport, has not only been a strong supporter of the Division’s Educational Outreach efforts, but also an active participant.

Daily Point of Light 3918, Elizabeth Kern

Liz Kern has been a mentor in the UMC Mentoring and Caring Program for three years. Initially, I matched Liz up with April, a 12-year-old girl. April’s sister and brother also were matched up with mentors. After her sister’s mentor accepted an internship in Kentucky, Liz volunteered to mentor both girls. During group events, I can see that all three children in the family know Liz well and feel very comfortable with her. She is always cheerful, full of energy, and truly seems to love spending time with all three children.

Daily Point of Light 3917, Carylsue Evanoff

Carylsue Evanoff started volunteering at the Waterford Senior Center for the Focus Hope Food Program and Food Bank in 1991. For the past eleven years, she has supervised all the activities of the Focus Hope Food Program and the Emergency Food Program at this site. The Focus Hope Food Program distributes boxes of food to 124 clients each month. She will see that additional food is provided if circumstances warrant and it is available.

Daily Point of Light 3916, Haley Lynch and Katie Vahle

Haley Lynch, age 11, and her friend Katie Vahle, age 12, started a youth volunteer group called H & K’s Service Paws with the goals of providing service dogs free of charge to disabled youth and providing valuable information about service animals to their greater community. Through their annual “Amanda’s Dog Festival” and various fundraising projects they provide children who are visually impaired or physically disabled with independence through the use of highly trained service dogs.

Daily Point of Light 3915, Oylan Dong

Oylan Dong founded Project Outstanding Youth (Project OY) and completed these projects, among many others. She is dedicated to serving disadvantaged children in Panama. Inspired by her sisters who had done service in Africa, Oylan decided to work in a Spanish speaking country. A family friend introduced her to orphanages and youth centers in Panama. Over the past three years, she has visited Panama five times, spending most of her free time, holidays, and vacations helping hundreds of poor children and families.

Daily Point of Light 3914, Addie Mix

Addie is the co-founder and Executive Director of a voluntary organization titled “Reclaim A Youth” aka R.A.Y. She has been at the helm of R.A.Y. since its inception in 1993. Addie does not receive a salary and does not receive a stipend. Her work is simply passion in action.

Daily Point of light 3913, Kathryn Martin

Kathryn Martin is the Founder and executive Director of a mobile recreation unit named CJ's Bus. After her own experience with a tornado that took the life of her two year-old son, Kathryn realized the need for a safe place for children to play while their parents tend to their recovery needs.