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Daily Point of Light #3996, Jeanette Barnes

Jeanette coordinates and operates weekly off-site adoption events at a local Arkansas Petsmart store. About 50 Sundays a year, she drives to the shelter, loads animals and equipment, drives to the Petsmart store and set up an adoption display with the animals. She provides advice, counseling and information for every potential adopter. Rarely does a week go by that at least one pet is not adopted t the off-site location. When she is not helping the shelter, Jeanette is active in animal rescue with her own group, Animals R Us, which provides foster care and adoption for homeless pets.

AmeriCorps Alums: "Pulling out all the stops" for the National Conference on Volunteering and Service!

The 2009 National Conference on Volunteering and Service is almost upon us, and AmeriCorps Alums is using the occasion to showcase and highlight the amazing service movement and those who have made it possible.

And what will AmeriCorps Alums be doing, you ask?

Daily Point of Light #3992, Barbara Price Boles

Our past can sometimes be the greatest gift we can give to the future. Few people recognize this as much as Barbara Price Boles. She has dedicated her life to the preservation of history in Yorktown, Virginia, and has inspired others to take a greater interest in their heritage, and in their communities. Ms. Boles has dedicated more time serving as Regent of the Comte De Grasse Chapter of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), than she did as a registered nurse.

Re-Invigorate at Faith and Neighborhood Partnerships Day

Join us for Faith and Neighborhood Partnerships Day, an invigorating day of cutting-edge experiences that will spark new ideas and ways to support community needs across the country through collaborations between faith groups and secular agencies!

Daily Point of Light #3987, Elle Bacon

Elle has been volunteering with special needs kids for eight years and she’s only 16. Over her years as a volunteer, she has coached basketball and bowling among other positions. Elle recognized a need—the special needs basketball team her brother was coaching didn’t have a cheerleading squad.  Elle is currently serving as the cheerleading coach for a special needs squad that goes to the Special Olympics every winter. And at 16, she runs the program singlehandedly.