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Daily Point of Light #4290, Greg Scott

Greg Scott has been involved with youth organizations since 1984. His deep dedication to help young people gain life skills that will help them to become active and engaged citizens can be felt throughout the communities in which he has lived. After moving to Chester in 1992, Gregg immediately went in search of an organization in which he could serve.  He connected with the American Legion and volunteered to develop the Boys State program for the Legion post, becoming District Chairman in 1998.

Daily Point of Light #4288, Rachel Braley

Knitting is not something you do for instant gratification; it takes time, it takes dedication. Rachel Braley knits. But Rachel’s knitting isn’t aimed at providing her family with holiday gifts of scarves and mittens, her knitting helps create the fabric of a community.

See you in New Orleans!

Make plans to join us in New Orleans, Louisiana for the world's largest gathering of volunteer leaders from the nonprofit, corporate and government sectors!

The 2011 conference will be June 6 - 8, 2011 in New Orleans. You can learn more about the conference here.

Great things are coming for this gathering - inspiring speakers, relevant sessions and plenty of time to enjoy the dazzling entertainment and fun the city offers!

Daily Point of Light #4287, Vi Huynh

Hands On Northeast Ohio (NEO) was founded in Greater Cleveland in 2007, and since it’s inception Vi Huynh has been invloved.  As Cleveland is one of the nation’s most impoverished cities, Hands On Northeast Ohio, and Vi’s service, are critical. Vi's has volunteered and supported children at an innovative charter school, as well as dogs at a local animal shelter. Additionally, when he saw a void in Volunteer Leadership in Cleveland, Vi stepped up to lead numerous programs within the community.  Trained as one of Hands On NEO's first Volunteer Leaders, Vi now manages others in service. 

Daily Point of Light #4284, Lou Nelson

Imagine a program that brings together the victim of a crime, the perpetrator and the impacted community to solve local challenges brought about by crime.  Lou Nelson volunteers for such a program in River Falls, Wisconsin.  The St. Croix Valley Restorative Justice Program(SCVRJP), engages community members to be active particpants in a healing process. Lou has made a significant impact as a resource to the executive director and board of directors at SCVRJP.  Lou helps screen and hire new staff, supports office procedures, edits documents and consults strategically with the director.

Daily Point of Light #4282, Nancy Carie & Lois Ruppel

For many, the idea of volunteering means finding an issue you care deeply about and giving your time to help out programs that address that issue. But what if you care about a multitude of issues? Meet Nancy Carie and Lois Ruppel; a dynamic duo whose volunteering knows no bounds.   Nancy and Lois are both members of the RSVP Advisory Council in Knox County, Indiana… but that is just the beginning of a long list of volunteer duties the duo has taken on. 

Daily Point of Light #4281, Erin Mankus

Denise Perez is barely a teenager, yet her life is already full of adult sized challenges. Every day she watches her mom try to cope with depression, her older sister, a teenager as well, dropped out of high school and is already the mother of two.  She shares a small bedroom with five other family members in a small house in a rough section of San Antonio. There aren’t many people who wouldn’t forgive Denise for giving up hope. But, Erin Mankus is not one of those people. Erin has been Denise’s “Big Sister” for the past six years through Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Texas.

Daily Point of Light #4286, LaDrene Coyne

Preparing for, and finding a job in this economy is difficult task. Add a disability into the mix, and the obstacles to employment may feel utterly insurmountable. But disabled residents in the state of Washington have someone to help them overcome both the fear and the challenges of employment, and her name is LaDrene Coyne.

Daily Point of Light #4279, Rebecca Evanoff

When disaster struck the small town of Holden, Massachusetts, it was during one of the coldest months of the year. A treacherous ice storm had brought the town to a halt. With electric thermostats rendered useless, many families were left to huddle together for warmth as temperatures dipped below freezing.   In this great time of need, the people of Holden turned to Rebecca Evanoff, and to no one’s surprise, she was more than ready to help.

Catch the Conference Again

Awesome moments from the conference were captured by video and are available to watch on our YouTube channel or on our homepage.

To see the entire It's Up to YOU Opening Plenary Session, "Here's to YOU!" Inspiration Event or National Service Town Hall, visit the homepage of the Web site.

To see clips of inspiring moments from these events, check out YouTube.

Enjoy and be inspired all over again with this footage!