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Daily Point of Light #4344, Ashley McNeill

Ashley McNeill has always felt a responsibility to make a difference in her community. For eight years, Ashley has been involved with the literacy organization Success Won’t Wait. Ashley has sorted, labeled, repaired, and packed tens of thousands of books. She also created dozens of children's book baskets and delivered them to waiting rooms and lobbies.

Daily Point of Light #4343, Callahan Fore

Callahan Fore is extremely passionate about service to his community. In 2006, Callahan created a non-profit organization, SweatMonkey, that focuses on community service resources for students, organizations, and teachers. is a free website that builds connections that benefit everyone—youth, teachers, schools—without wasting a single sheet of paper. As a user-friendly, free internet resource that connects students with organizations, SweatMonkey helps students and teachers track their hours and generate community service resumes.

Daily Point of Light #4341, John Leinart

John Leinart has served on the board of directors of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Mississippi Valley for more than 10 years.  During his service, John has served as a Big Brother to three young men.  He has also engaged his family in the mentoring experience, including his wife, two daughters, and his 87 year old father.  Leinart is a leader that does not hesitate to lead by example. In his capacity as Director of Human Resources for Deere & Company, John has coordinated volunteer recruitment activities that have recruited over 100 adult mentors for children in his community. 

Daily Point of Light #4340,

Marcie Green Topeka, Kansas Organization:  Shawnee County Medical Reserve Corps Marcie Green exemplifies the role of a volunteer. The generosity of her time and desire to help others makes her a huge asset for Shawnee County Medical Reserve Corps. She performed 238 volunteer hours in 2009, not only as a volunteer, but also as a leader and teacher in the community.

Daily Point of Light #4339, John West

John West has served Volunteer Mid-South for more than six years.  He does everything from reading to children who live in inner-city neighborhoods to playing bingo with the elderly to creating crafts with ill children. West has been essential in the programming of Volunteer Mid-South.  He is the Chairperson of the Leadership Council and trains incoming volunteers.  These new volunteers learn how to tutor elementary school students, which directly impact the rates of illiteracy and poverty in the community. 

Daily Point of Light #4338, Marie Alfano

Marie Alfano, a Registered Nurse, realizes the value of helping children and as a volunteer, she has been dedicating time to serving children and their families for over 30 years.  She spends most of her free time, volunteering with Joining Hands, a non-profit organization that helps terminally ill and permanently handicapped children and their families. 

Daily Point of Light #4338, Marie Alfano

Marie Alfano is the founder and president of Joining Hands, a volunteer-run non-profit that helps terminally ill and permanently handicapped children and their families. Marie works closely with local oncology units to donate head scarves and lap blankets for children and adults undergoing chemotherapy.  She has organized an annual toy and gift drive to assist local hospitals, shelters, churches, and schools. She is a leader in her community. Marie takes over the scene with her passion and delegates responsiblities to complete strangers, while accomplishing the intended goal.

Daily Point of Light #4336, Jennifer Miller

Jennifer Miller is connected to the mission of HandsOn Greater Richmond and Central Virginia Foodbank. Miller volunteers because she wants “to help others who haven’t been as lucky” as she has in life. At the Foodbank, Miller recruited volunteers for weekly shifts. She began networking with recently laid off employees from LandAmerica to Genworth to Suntrust. In eight weeks, her team helped feed 16,800 people. She also organized the organization’s food drive last winter.

Daily Point of Light #4335, Virgil Sanford

Virgil Sanford is a volunteer’s volunteer because he serves his community in several ways.  He volunteers four to five days a week at the Victory Baptist Church.  The church pastor says Virgil is "one awesome volunteer” because Virgil volunteers about 900 hours a year at the Church.  He takes care of everything from plumbing repairs and building projects to classroom painting.

Daily Point of Light #4334, Jessica Padgett

Jessica Padgett is the co-founder and president of the Rotaract Club of Metro Detroit (RCMD).  She also is an AmeriCorps member serving as a Volunteer Services Coordinator for The Guidance Center.  Jessica volunteers because she believes that one individual can make a difference. Under Jessica’s leadership, the Rotaract Club of Metro Detroit has had a major impact on clean drinking water safety. Partnering with “A Vision for Clean Water," the organization has raised more than $3,000  for ceramic filters to be made and supplied to Nepalese villages.

Daily Point of Light #4333, Jim Mackie

Jim Mackie is a volunteer who serves as the Chapter Director for HOPE Worldwide-Jacksonville.   He volunteers his time and talent because he believes his service follows the example that Jesus demonstrated and expected from others.  Under Jim’s direction, the organization’s Saturday Academy has improved students’ grades and citizenship awareness.  Students living in high-risk neighborhoods are eagerly returning to the program each year and positively contributing back to their community.  Parents and educators have praised the program and the influence of its positive role models. 

Daily Point of Light #4330, Pat Peddie

Pat Peddie has been a volunteer at Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery County for more than two years.   While serving the organization, she has become very passionate about the ReStore, a retail operation that recycles used and surplus construction supplies for sale to the general public at a fraction of their worth. Pat’s dedication has inspired her team at Habitat for Humanity and has truly motivated them to work together. She has been a key factor in recruiting, maintaining, and expanding a crew of regular volunteers for the ReStore. 

Daily Point of Light #4323, Mike Penketh

Before his 1993 racecar accident, Mike Penketh was a pilot for a major airline.  After the accident, with both arms amputated below the elbow, he felt lost. Through hard work in re-hab, he gained profficiency using his myo-electric prosthetic hands and managed to retain both his driver’s and pilot’s license.  His career with the major airline was lost forever.   During this time of difficult transition for Mike, he was often heard to say, “Just find me the nearest bridge…”