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Service is a Way of Life

Today's post comes from Daily Point of Light Honoree, Milena Arciszewski. Milena shared the story below at are recent Points of Light event.

Light the Civic Fires For Sargent Shriver

Today’s post comes from Michelle Nunn, CEO of Points of Light Institute.

Daily Point of Light #4421 Lauren Schumacher

Lauren Schumacher is one busy high school senior.  As high school graduation nears and a fall at Boston University approaches, she has much to celebrate.

Daily Point of Light #4415, Chuck Heacock

A fence may seem trivial. But to the women and children at the Neighborhood Center of West Volusia, the fence that Chuck Heacock installed means a lot. It allows the children to safely enjoy the butterfly garden and swing set and it ensures the privacy of residents. Chuck Heacock uses his time, resources and skills to help the women and children housed at the Neighborhood Center, a homeless shelter and transitional housing center. 

Daily Point of Light #4413, Karin Rosain

  Sometimes volunteering locally can affect change half way around the world.  

Daily Point of Light #4412, Sarah Nadarajan

High school students have notoriously developed a reputation for using their parents as an unlimited ATM machine, seemingly unaware of any financial discipline.  

Daily Point of Light #4411, Volusia Honor Air

What is the greatest gift that you can give to veterans of the “greatest generation?”  Often, just a heartfelt thanks.

Volunteers of the Volusia Honor Air are trying to deliver a gift of thanks to former service members in the Daytona Beach area by ensuring that every World War II veteran has the opportunity to see the National Word War II Memorial.

The Memorial opened to the public in April 2004 at a time when WWII veterans were passing away at a rate of more than 1,000 per day. Many never lived to see the monument erected in their honor.